Tuesday, September 28, 2004


ThisisLondon Rom explains slow start.


i am having a spot of bother posting to forever but there are two Charlton stories on thisisLondon. God knows how it won website of the year 2004 its terrible who awarded it? They update less than i do.

Mystic Reet sees all in his ball (crystal of course but it does not rhyme)

Physic feelings ,feng shui and now soothsaying I am spiraling in to the underbelly of the underworld of the occult nothing underhand you understand. Just under the influence of being under the weather has reopened my mind to the forces of the cosmos the walls of normal rational thought has fallen under the weight of the underlying pressure of the ....That's it I am out of unders apart from that one. Right lets start again I won a wager last night and now believe I can predict the future. Yes I know I need more sleep but the joy of skyplus means after struggling home from the match through the late night traffic you can then stay up and watch it all again! Small pleasures and all that. Before anyone goes and puts down their life's savings on my next prediction I must state that I am the worlds worst gambler and bookies favorite I very rarely win and when I do I think 'I knew that was going to happen why didn't I put more on?' -mug. I shall have to watch Alex Hammond's tips on skysports news for purely non financial reasons. Anyway I digress which is unlike me my next surefire guaranteed prediction -

we are going to stop Arsenals run..................

we are going to do them, everyone's afraid to say it but we all know its going to happen. Don't we ? I haven't seen anything that suggests this i just popped in to my head. i have yet to work out the score but I will let you know later in the week. That will put the wind up Wenger (undercover cravat wearer bring down British ties from the inside)

You may think I just type these ramblings straight out but you would be wrong I have actually got a team of fifteen editors and ghost writers supporting me. They have suggested I get round to mentioning last nights game so I will in typical Reet short hand. Started well then just faded away till half time some close calls at either end but nothing to write home about, shame about Jeffers. jj learn to jump its easy you see enough people doing it around you all the time that's how you win headers. On a side note I saw large numbers of Scandinavian visitors last night I don't know which brand but they are always welcome. On a similar theme Murphy did well last night Mrs that is how many blonde mates has she got? I don't care I just like to thank her for bringing all of them along each match day. Danny did okay on the pitch too not so many wayward passes just need a few more goals now and we will all be laughing. Second half good goal from talal he is no replacement for Scotty as the Evening Standard suggests today but he can definitely head a ball as chevio found out pre season. Disagreeing with the papers again the Sun gave Stuart a five, I personally thought he was the difference from the Southampton game giving us that spark and bite again. He breaks up some of the attacks and creates some counters. Hopefully the rest of the mid field will follow soon and I glad to see the lack of booing of players that never helps anyone. The back four are starting to look solid again and stepped in to the breach when deano made an uncharacteristic mistake. Unlucky Kish good drag back, Friedal just guessed the right way and stuck a foot out. Well I am going off to a darkened flotation tank to get my lottery numbers but remember we will end the Gunners run and lets sell out the valley for the Norwood Palace game and show them what being a premiership team is all about. (I mean winning stuff not being knocked out by smaller clubs) .

Friday, September 24, 2004

DAFC Trust

DAFC Trust & Centre Spot Home nice gesture by the club to help Dover. Help out if you can.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pants do the job

Well that was unexpected we won a cup game obviously this has lead to delirium and booking of hotel rooms in Cardiff we are going all the way! Due to my current knackered state my enthusiasm for posted is waning today so I will be briefer than normal. I sure something will pop up soon that I can get my blogging teeth in to but at the moment I am typing like I am pissed this is going to take an age to spellcheck.

first of all well done Danny and franny hopefully this is a good sign for the future. Great joy when watching skysports centre when our appointed pundit ( I cannot remember who it was the days are blurring in to one long week) uttered the cliche 'well that shows the difference in class a premiership side only need that one chance and they take it' how many times have we been on the end of that one? Pundits get up my nose more than footy hacks if there is an obvious cliche or ironic fact don't let it go unsaid lads spurt it out with the rest of your bollocks. Why wear a tie the same colour as your shirt you may as well wear a nice pullover. Oh shit the ties have popped in to my fevered mind again sorry I better stop.

oh yes my other point lets get a good crowd down for the cup game against norwood palace and sing our hearts out. The Southampton game felt like a morgue, lots of simple chants that's what we want ease the crowd in slowly. BUILD A BONFIRE BUILD A BONFIRE!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What was I on last night?

Got on a bit of a feng shui tip last night it would seem. I can assure you however I was not on the same substances as a certain lanky defender who is currently working on his tan. I have received rumors that the player in question has a problem of 'scarface ' proportions and there are photos of him and his ex TV girlfriend 'face down in a pile of the stuff'. Could this explain rapid movements on the transfer market?

hush hush on the downlow

Monday, September 20, 2004

Circles are lucky this article could have been written about the charlton badge.

Online Feng Shui Magazine


I must admit I have been awol for , going by my last post, five days it doesn't seem that long but you gain you lose. A surprisingly heavy weekend after a busy week at work has slowed my posting speed considerably. But the Birmingham result was acceptable after my own and the clubs previous outings steadying the good ship Charlton and not to much excitement for me. I cannot believe so called fans have been calling Radio London saying Curbs should go are you mental? Charlton's recent history makes us a special club in the fact that we stared oblivion in the face and survived we need a manager that understands this. Curbs is the man because he lived through it with us and all the boo boys and radio phone in ranters should go back to spurs where they belong. I have mentioned this before where expectation of success seems to be taking over from the survival instinct which isn't to say we should not have ambition but we must always remember where we came from. As the song goes 'and if you know you history it enough to make your heart go....' So remember to be a Charlton fan is to watch football with hope and joy in your heart, hope that may win something and joy that we can still watch Charlton in the best league in the world.

It would be nice however if the good ship addick did sail some uncharted territory this season with a little cruise round the country on a bit of a cup run. I know I do try to inject a bit of humour in to my posts but don't laugh I am being serious. We've got to have one soon haven't we? If we are lucky we will get premiership teams all the way then we may stand a chance. Bournemouth on penalties I ask you and was it that winger from stoke who scored from 45 yards at a full sprint? The commentators classic cliche 'you couldn't write this script' yes you can it happens every bloody year! We must have some cup run curse I am sure I saw a witch doctor in beagle strip running away from the Valley the other day. I am sure the carvery has buggered up the feng shui as well blocking the tigers path to water (very serious look it up). So tomorrow bend some spoons and put on your lucky pants the football gods need pacifying. Lets go all the way to Cardiff for a start is closer than Grimsby and a good night out i plan on going awol for about a week if we do.

Picture exclusive Addicks sign Rio Ferdinand!

Have we signed Rio? Oh no its Tahal el Karkouri throwing down some shapes (try getting that through spell checker first time)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Bored Identity

Hello is anybody there? I have just woken up in a deserted valley with no memory of how I got here ( no I am not Jason Bourne, though I do know the chi-dong death touch and I don't know why) They always say its important to retrace your steps when dealing with memory loss. I remember Kelly Holmes parading her medals then someone blew a whistle ah Charlton Southampton that explains it I fell in to a restful sleep. I am overly optimistic when it comes to Charlton but even I had to admit Mondays game was a shocker. We still got a point admittedly against an equally poor saints but a points a point. After the away reverses it is nice to stop the rot and steady the ship and to use another cliche sometimes you have to grind out results like that. I feel as fans we need to be a bit more patient booing off the team left a sour taste in my mouth it was only the third home game we need to put things in perspective. Remember booing is copyrighted by spurs fans I don't want to start paying them royalties.

Deanos good form is a welcome ray of light and the continued effort shown by Jason I believe is recognized by the crowd. Murphy had a absolute nightmare, cannot say more than that I am moving swiftly on. The front two had a quiet game, Lisbie is definitely trying harder these days which I believe is an offshoot of training with franny. A few goals to go with it would be nice. More than a few times I heard mentioned that we were waiting for the fabled 'click' and hopefully we will after a good uninterrupted spell of games. Chris Perrys return shows that the posters worked and he offered us much needed stability at the back. The back four were under constant pressure through out the game as the mid field as a unit seemed to go missing for spells. We are not suited to long ball at the best of times ( do the practice heading with the forwards?) but with our two shortest players upfront was madness. Jason Euell in the hole behind the front is my answer balls to feet, running on to knock downs switching with Murphy and Rom it's going to be special, once we find the fabled click. But time is needed, this year has probably seen more first team changes than in a long time. Because the transfers happen way before the window closed that we imagine the players have been with the club a lot longer than we think. Not only do they need to bed in but Curbs needs to find a formation and team that he is happy with which he tends to do to my untrained eye during the season rather than before.

See I was that bored Monday I started talking about formations lets hope for win next time.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Magician Powell out on loan!

Just like that!

Its a shame but Chrissy does need to get games but on our recent away performances I though he was in with a shout. I like Powell he played with a smile on his face which is sadly lacking in modern football. If a player is seen grinning on the pitch its normally because he is in the process of winding up the opposition fans or players. Chris however does it because he is loving every minute of it. He seemed to have a connection with the fans (he always listened to me from the crowd) he even helped paint blancos front room after a welling game once (that's our story and we are sticking to it). I have heard some stories about trips to the lanza grotty when he was at the beagles which I will not go into out of respect of Chris' lawyers. But I heard he was still smiling though and not just at John Salko's suits. Talking of bad taste I have it on good authority that when graham Stuart was at Chelsea he treated himself to a silk jacket with a map motif all over it for about 3 grand. I haven't got a picture of it but it was described to me thus ' stick a bulb up his arse he'll look like a light up globe' Very nice Graham. Back to Chris who is going to do the tunnel routine now? Powell took over the mantle from kinsella who will step in to the breach? Go on rads do a Cossack dance for us!

What's going on?

two management jobs come up and curbs not linked to any of them? Could we get through a whole season without speculation? Who am I kidding! Keep winning Sven we need Curbs more than you need 14 million quid.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Defoe considers joining bigger country

Is that the way to Rio?

Reet pulls himself off

After my own poor performance after the Austria game I am subbing myself, put me on the bench where I belong. Perhaps I had been up all night playing tomb raider or stories in the press effected me I don't know what happened. I thought I had it covered but as I bent down to scoop it up nuts! Through my legs and the granny shagging story was in the back of the net. I am ashamed of myself but that's all you are going to get here because I am not talking to the press. The general consensus of opinion is that it was a childish act by the players to refuse to talk to the press. Watching sky sports news this morning however it seemed to me it was not only the players throwing their toys out of the pram but the footy hacks as well. I have a personal dislike for footy hacks who stare down from their moral high ground at the players who are in no way angels at all, but people in glass houses. They are not even football fans because they couldn't write rationally about if they were not that they do anyway very often. I suspect that 90% of hacks are spurs or manyoo fans, lets look at the facts one- the general misconception in the press that tottenham are still a big club they are not they are a mid table side with grossly self inflated delusions of grandeur. Two- hacks are paid to fly round the world and watch footy and they still moan and still get the match reports wrong ie see what they want to see, spurs and manyoo fans I rest my case. How many times on a Monday or a Sunday have you read a Charlton report and gone 'what the hell are they talking about!' and then to you loved ones or workmates annoyance spend the next hour talking through the match blow by blow of how it actually happen (you know you love it) .

This is why I believe that blogging is going to help change the face of football not dramatically I am not mental but enough that people will notice. Players already have their own webpages but now the facility is here that every fan can to. So some hack drunk in a hotel bar 15 minutes before the game finishes can no longer claim to be the voice of the fans like one did this morning on sky sports news and as you can tell got my goat up.

But now all energies can be focus back on to the beloved Addicks no delusions of grandeur no primadonnas having hissy fits in front of the nations press. Just Charlton steaming towards the title and a 100 % home record ( I can have delusions I am allowed ) Monday night games though throws me off kilter all week my body clock is footy sensitive similar to photo sensitive except rather than the morning light waking me the evening footy knocks out . You 've been to the valley tomorrow must be Sunday have a lie in, so it will be four alarms for me on Tuesday. Well see you down the valley back to the real footy and something to get me teeth in to.

ps a quick word on Defoe , you can clearly see the skills he learnt at Charlton coming to the fore it is rumored that spin was mastered in the valley car park as he turned tail and legged it to the Spanners. Since he left to join a bigger club young Judas has yet to finish above us in the league keep it up Defoe you are doing a sterling job!

Stranger than friction

i have seen some strange things on ebay but why would anyone want this?

Monday, September 06, 2004

A goal!

cafc feeding on scraps lads but any charlton news at moment is good

Newshopper Online we are local in cyberspace!Scare at Old Peoples Home.

Exhibit A

A strange man was seen outside of a Bromley home from the elderly at approximately 23.00 on Monday. The strange prowler was scared of by the warden but he left several clues behind including a CD of Latin love songs and a shrek mask. Police are sickened by this behavior and have received a tip off from a Dutch sounding gentleman that they should try in the highbury area for their suspect.

from old master....

...to young pretender

Englands proud Tradition continues

What is it about international breaks? They should exciting times when the whole country comes together but as the hype and disappointment fades from one tournament the qualifying for the next starts but it is to far away to generate any real excitement. The lack of daily premiership stories also dries up leading to the almost schizophrenic way the press behaves one win and its we won the world cup its in the bag! One less than pleasing result and its sack the entire team. I am of the personal belief that the press ruins any chances that we have of ever winning anything the pressure they create is so immense that every mistake or tactical change is blown out of all proportion. All the pundits and feature writers keep saying lets not allow Rooney go the way of Gazza keep his feet on the ground. He has been on the front and back pages almost everyday since June! No wonder he shags grannies Alzheimers means they are the only ones who don't know who his is! (sorry that's not nice I am ashamed of myself). I am not in anyway excusing James he was terrible but if Sven plays Robinson or Kirkland and they make a mistake the entire press pack will be on him and the young keepers. How do think old flapper Seaman stayed in so long(a gunners fans nickname not club bias) .Those who say that what the papers say shouldn't effect the players are obviously forgetting that we are talking about footballers here, easily swayed is an understatement. Look at young Mr Cole .( I'll go no further lawyers and all) But papers persuade entire nations to go to war how easy is it to convince someone who left school at eight that they are the greatest then, two weeks later, the worst player in the world.

What I am saying in essence is everybody calm down it was rubbish but its done Sven (or should I say we) have only had three competitive defeats in his reign. Two to world cup winning sides and one on penalties which as we all know we cannot win. Due to Churchill making a deal with the devil that lets us win the wars while everyone else can have penalties. (its the only thing that gets me through the night after a shootout 'ah well we still got the Falklands').The win over Spain in 96 was due to the fact they still owed the devil for Julio Iglesias' car crash. In essence we haven't lost, all we need to do is win every game from now it wouldn't be qualifying with out it. But putting a international week this early in the season is torture I was full in to Charlton mode with rumors games transfers but now its all stopped no wonder all the blogs are struggling for something to say. I tried that centenary shirt washing instructions it still fell apart, tourist restaurants and away support nice angle (you live in new York you've got an excuse I am just lazy) even the re-emergence of blogging or fanzines seems to be the top feature ( keep it up lads even if no one else does we know we read each others). I however have resorted to granny shagging and ww2 Faustian pactsand not for the first time I am ashamed to say. But I will not delve in to my personal life again after the brutal honesty of the last post ( she never called by he way). It was either that or go on about ties again I needed something to get me away from creating Amazon adverts its addictive. (buy something please I need to by a new shirt ). Well roll on Wednesday and a win and then normal service is resumed back down the valley Monday.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wenger revels open neck shirt master plan to sir bob!

The circle is now complete now i am the tie master!
Strike me down now wenger and my tie will more powerful than you can possible imagine!

Don't worry I got an extra warranty with it

After a shabby euro 2004 Beckham plans to keep his head down by staying in with a few mates and his new TV.

Get knotted

A good double Windsor will not save you this time Bobby times have changed. I detect the dark grasp of the old club tie again, they have moved against old bob due to his refusal to move away from tradition. Its reported the last straw was after repeated warnings Dyer still turned up to training in a cravat and diamond tie stud. An obvious affront to Bobby everyone knows you do not stud a cravat in front of a knight of the realm( unless you are a Duke or above). tut tut no respect.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rooney beware

The Official Chelsea FC Website Oh dear Scotty money cannot by you a first team place. I hope your Chelsea career is as fruitful as Jody Morris'

Rooney and Van Nistelroys first day in training