Friday, July 30, 2004

liquid doughnuts! - Money - Krispy Kreme Sells Liquid Doughnuts

The rider the raider

jump up!

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Check out Fabio and Grooverider every Friday still going strong-this week groove has a remix of logistics together which is quality about 15 min for you impatient ones

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Come on sign someone

I want fresh blood I want 20seconds on local news and 3 minutes every hour on skysports news! Have you noticed sky have got something against us? Anyway I cannot be bothered today its to hot I am working my way through a litre of chimay rouge so should be nicely toasted by supper ( just to make people think I am typing in a posh accent).

Bad Gas

Bad Gas
funny site

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

An old Classic

Old classic MPEG still funny a bit of swearing ( if you are at work).
movie clips

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wil he wont he?

Kinsella off to Walsall

Good luck Mark hope to see you back at the valley one day. True gent always used to wave if he saw a charlton sticker in the car next to him in traffic. Most players cannot even remember what colours they wear on a Saturday

TEAMtalk Football - Football News Service - Walsall News Story

Wilting in the glare of publicity

I love pre season signing players almost seem an anti climax after all the rumors and build up. Wiltord would be a good signing I know people will say well he never did much at Arsenal. Then again Andy Hunt would have struggled to get in the gunners first team with Henry and Bergkamp up front. This could be another agent 'leaked' story to garner interest in his player. With the team back from china however hopefully we will see some movement soon on the new players front. Talking of the china trip does this spell the end of the balti pie and the much loved pattie? Will the carvery become the golden locust? Will Nancy Wong replace 'get it wrong bill' behind the bar? Noodles are easy to store there is enough room for every food at multicultural Charlton. For god sake petition the board ! Varney listen to the people we want variety not just Vietnamese! (sorry alliteration required it) SAVE THE PATTIE!
TEAMtalk Football - Football News Service - Charlton Athletic News Story

Monday, July 26, 2004


Tonight's blog has been brought to you by the magic of novacaine. I like to thank my dentist for dosing me good and proper

Blogger Knowledge

Blogger Knowledge

pictures now ! Quality the Christmas cut out and keep email will be online as well this year. Any recipients of previous years send me your requests and I will try and find them. Cheers

p.s. that's if any of you reading this. umm I may have a blog launch special

Out Now! in no good record shops

hitler always fell behind at fascist school until he got his moustache

Beatie down the door to the Valley?

Teletext - Sport - Premiership

They are having a laugh aren't they? Beatie at the valley would be nice but its never going to happen. The papers are running out of rumors yet they refused to run the story about a certain west or east London club being used as a front to launder money allegedly ( I am not sure on the legals so mentioning no names). It is well known to footy journalists but as some get kick backs from the players agents for running rumors they are happy to keep the market inflated. I personally have drawn a blank on who we are going to sign probably a few more utility players and hopefully a name of sorts. We should have a look Anfield way as they seem to be cleaning shop and possibly a few of the boys in blue on loan but I think we have missed the boat on that one.

Good day

Had a good day Saturday my season ticket turned up always a good sign that my weekends are going to improve soon. Had a quick round of golf during the day with the family et al. A close run competition with the schlong as expected running away with the longest drive prize. Real plastic was rumored to be used in the trophy. PC gazza ran away with the first ever nearest the pin cup (the most impressive trophy of the day). The tarmacing bandito boy hoodwinked the judges and won the overall prize foul play is definitely suspected. Being England no one expected sun so when It did arrive everyone burned. The evenings festivities were marred by sunstroke making me look drunk, normally this would slip under the radar, but the fact the party was in sheltered housing gave the game away. A selected few also seemed to be suffering from 'sunstroke' too, especially old Fred which was quite a trick as he has been housebound since '92. I have heard of beer scooters but beer shopability is a sight to see and hear a genuine un ironic rendition of 'show me the way to go home' luckily top the stairs turn right sufficed.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ananova - Batman and Robin fighting crime - in Whitley

Ananova - Batman and Robin fighting crime - in Whitley

Friday, July 23, 2004

Getting in to it

I am enjoying this web page lark. Check out the terror level if its on elmo kiss your arse goodbye its already to late

All Quiet In The East Stand: July 2004

All Quiet In The East Stand: July 2004

Cahill not going to the toffees?

Rumors just in Cahill is coming to the Addicks not Everton this comes straight from Millwall fan it must be true. I hear he has just got new wheels on his X5 .

Claus what are you doing?

We liked Claus he obviously didn't like us. Curbs has made the right choice would he have put in 100% this season? We also save on a year of wages. That's the somewhat limited brightside I think Claus has made a mistake he had as much chance of success with us as with Fulham. I think Egyptian poundnotes in large bundles have turned his head. I am still gutted. Good luck Claus! Bolton, Charlton, Fulham you have lived the footballing dream I hear FC Ghent calling.

It was this or an ipod

i need to be trendy and get with it plus the fact i can now post comments on other blogs. i 'll give this a go and see how long it takes me to get bored.