Friday, October 29, 2004

last post? (not really)

i cannot be pal arsed at the moment to blogg at the moment i will just.......yadayadayadayadapiffffffff

Monday, October 25, 2004

Reasons to be miserable

Come on lads pull it together. We have not had our unexpected away win yet, you know the one that comes in the first or second game of the season when we pull a surprise good away result out of the bag. That hasn't arrived yet but it will its got to hasn't it? That's all I am saying today I am tired and emotional I hate the analysis defeats so not going to bother. ps I have just read all quiet.. Yet again spot on and he can be bothered to type it too. pps norwood greenhouse you are going down and out.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Reasons to be Cheerful

I never normally celebrate birthdays but this one I am canning the arse out of for everything I can get . I am off again this weekend for another do almost a fortnight after the event! I just blame my age when hungover and get away scot free. Why did I never do this before? With Ramadan starting soon I can blend that in to Christmas then on to Passover I could be off till next year on religious grounds, couple of days away from the grindstone and my loafing nature returns to the fore. Get up at 10 bit of praying (just in case I am being watched) then off down the boozer. Charlton are on the telly all the time (sky follow the glamour clubs) happy days. Talking of telly has anyone else got an itv hangover? Everyone knows MOTD is the best highlights show but like our forefathers in the 70's we had to suffer itv's attempts at football coverage. I never used to watch..... I cannot remember what it was called now ' on the premierball' or something so my TV body clock is out of synch so I keep missing MOTD. I have just read that back when I said TV body clock I meant television not tranny .No my tranny clock is bang on, up to the moment, finger on the pulse, on the ball (ah) when I whack on the slap I look like j-lo's sister (the one with a beer gut and stubble).

Digressing in several senses of the word there what was I typing for? Oh yes reasons to be cheerful as always I am late with my match report. So I am not going to bother with the blow to blow as this is available all over the shop. I am just going to stick in my two bob opinions. First of all it was an enjoyable game and I don't think I would have felt ashamed in nicking all three points. The team seemed to hold its shape well and was back to the well organized Charlton we all know. Dennis is starting to come to the fore a bit now I know there has been some muttering about him even in this game but he needs time to adapt to a completely different style of play. He still needs to work on his defensive qualities but he was tracking back and closing down which he has not done before. But with a player of his obvious quality I feel the team needs to adapt with him, try and release him more in to space. We always seemed to do it with Claus (remember him) and he wasn't the fastest but according to the papers Rom is. The fabled gelling together seems to be slowly setting and I am getting optimistic again. Danny and Matt worked well in the mid field hopefully we will see more of the same. Kevs luck seems to be changing for him and the skill before hand deserved a goal. A quick word on Kev he tries hard and gets so much stick give the boy a break don't jump on players backs all the time I actually heard someone say 'well he should of buried that' what when he blazed wide? Or hit the post ? No when he f***iing scored! I know I see the game through rose tinted spectacles but for christsake cheer up you miserable f***s Sorry but that winds me up when people always see the bad in everything. The joy of leaping around after a Charlton goal is one of the only true pleasures we have (alright I have) in this world. We don't get that many don't spoil them for me. Clap quietly , stay sitting down , f*** off to tottenham do anything just don't moan. Went off a bit again then quick round up HH headbutt nice, good points on yahoo fantasy. franny on the bench? Not a good idea. Chris Perry he's f***ing quality as the new song seems to go never a truer word sung.

Before I go a quick hello to Geebee and Subtle who have joined us on the information superhighway to broaden their minds and create and share wonderful music and art with the world.(geebee I'll send you that Abi Titmus link later).

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Reet fails to get fifa clearance

My weekend in Prague it seems is not enough to qualify me for the Czech national team. Disgusted I tried Romania but staying in the same hotel as some Romanian fans isn't good enough either. fifa you have destroyed a not so young mans dreams. With Blatter in Azerbaijan I cannot even slip him a bung. Well I am back in body if not yet mind, I need to lie down for a few days and return to Prague as soon as possible. Any nations whose national dish is various meats and beer is close to my heart. Lets go Sparta! (Czech for up the addicks)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Czech it out

I am off for a few days to celebrate my decline in to old age and having my bag drained by a district nurse once a fortnight. I will be visiting an exiled addick in Prague a wonderful cultural city with castles , bridges numerous galleries...Oh hang on what's this.. It says here its the birthplace of larger! What a happy coincidence! I plan to pop up smiling on around about Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam anyone fancy a sweepstake?

Monday, October 04, 2004

Did I miss something?

Was there football on at the weekend? I thought I was an international weekend (curling, ten pin bowling or knitting I don't care as long as there was no football on). Well my physic powers have proved themselves to be, as many of you may have suspected, bollocks. The bookies have their money back and equilibrium has returned. Yet again phone ins have demanded curbs head after another 4-0 away defeat, what are you talking about? If anyone is to blame its me for breaking my own rule of never betting on my own side. Never again. Well I was awol again at the weekend working on my new opus Shopgirls of the Southcoast not only is enjoyable research but the staff discounts come in handy. This crucial fact finding mission did however mean I had to listen to the Addicks brave defence on BBC London and by the sounds of it most of the reports are accurate we held them for a while but then crumbled under the weight of the gunners attack. We have been guilty this season of some very sloppy passing this is an obvious side effect of trying to rebuild the centre of the team in the pressure cooker of the premiership. We get away with it at home but have been exposed away. Shit happens move on, we will hit our Christmas purple patch soon (hopefully) and our thoughts will turn towards Europe again (even more hopefully).

News from the continent suggests that Paulo is pushing for spotty to sign for lazio, makes sense they seemed to have built a friendship. which some suggested made spotty get itchy feet (according to spottys carpet fitter though he had almost signed for the blues in the summer of 2003). It was the format of this rumour that made me pick it out from all the rest. It was on a Tottenham (big in the 60's) website who proclaim 'euro giant want spurs and cafc target' first I didn't know spurs were interested (he is a spurs fan though) second euro giants? No money, no trophies for years and a mid table team aha I can see how a spurs fan could mistake lazio for a current euro giant perhaps they are hoping they return the favour on the lazio website to guild the Tottenham Lilly some more. I feel better now its always nice after a poor weekend to slag of spurs on a Monday.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Judas to prodigal son?

If rumors are to be believed Curbs and Scott have buried their differences. Which could lead to a return of the prodigal son to the valley. As much as we hate to admit it we have been missing Scott's ability in mid field. It was not his runs or even the goals we have been lacking but his interceptions. Even though we are having our best start to a season I have noticed the ease in which teams have been passing through our mid field. Our recent run of solid results comes from playing one or even two defenders in mid field which does not lend itself to exciting play and the back four are under constant pressure. So if curbs can forgive can we? If we get him for half of what we sold him for it will be like we got Franny and Danny for free that cannot be bad. So all the boo boys feel free when spotty is playing for Chelsea (you will probably have to go to a reserve game to do it) but if he pulls on the red shirt again that will be a different matter.

p.s. hreidarsson 76 minutes one nil. I am not sure on the score so just go for the win its 10-1 at ladbrokes.