Monday, September 06, 2004

Englands proud Tradition continues

What is it about international breaks? They should exciting times when the whole country comes together but as the hype and disappointment fades from one tournament the qualifying for the next starts but it is to far away to generate any real excitement. The lack of daily premiership stories also dries up leading to the almost schizophrenic way the press behaves one win and its we won the world cup its in the bag! One less than pleasing result and its sack the entire team. I am of the personal belief that the press ruins any chances that we have of ever winning anything the pressure they create is so immense that every mistake or tactical change is blown out of all proportion. All the pundits and feature writers keep saying lets not allow Rooney go the way of Gazza keep his feet on the ground. He has been on the front and back pages almost everyday since June! No wonder he shags grannies Alzheimers means they are the only ones who don't know who his is! (sorry that's not nice I am ashamed of myself). I am not in anyway excusing James he was terrible but if Sven plays Robinson or Kirkland and they make a mistake the entire press pack will be on him and the young keepers. How do think old flapper Seaman stayed in so long(a gunners fans nickname not club bias) .Those who say that what the papers say shouldn't effect the players are obviously forgetting that we are talking about footballers here, easily swayed is an understatement. Look at young Mr Cole .( I'll go no further lawyers and all) But papers persuade entire nations to go to war how easy is it to convince someone who left school at eight that they are the greatest then, two weeks later, the worst player in the world.

What I am saying in essence is everybody calm down it was rubbish but its done Sven (or should I say we) have only had three competitive defeats in his reign. Two to world cup winning sides and one on penalties which as we all know we cannot win. Due to Churchill making a deal with the devil that lets us win the wars while everyone else can have penalties. (its the only thing that gets me through the night after a shootout 'ah well we still got the Falklands').The win over Spain in 96 was due to the fact they still owed the devil for Julio Iglesias' car crash. In essence we haven't lost, all we need to do is win every game from now it wouldn't be qualifying with out it. But putting a international week this early in the season is torture I was full in to Charlton mode with rumors games transfers but now its all stopped no wonder all the blogs are struggling for something to say. I tried that centenary shirt washing instructions it still fell apart, tourist restaurants and away support nice angle (you live in new York you've got an excuse I am just lazy) even the re-emergence of blogging or fanzines seems to be the top feature ( keep it up lads even if no one else does we know we read each others). I however have resorted to granny shagging and ww2 Faustian pactsand not for the first time I am ashamed to say. But I will not delve in to my personal life again after the brutal honesty of the last post ( she never called by he way). It was either that or go on about ties again I needed something to get me away from creating Amazon adverts its addictive. (buy something please I need to by a new shirt ). Well roll on Wednesday and a win and then normal service is resumed back down the valley Monday.


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