Monday, June 27, 2005

vhy hav ve made no signings! herr oberst i suspekt a mole in der kamp.

All quiet on the western front .

Even the rumours have dried up. I blame the heat. Anyway I am still here. Keeping watch, oh what's that over there a song bird singing in a stricken tree, drawn in by her beauty I move closer to the parapet bang! boredom drills right through my head. Its a long way from Waltons mountain. I have just written a best mans speech restraining my flights of fancy. So I had to pop online and combine post war German pacifism in the stark reality of the weimar republic with lack of football transfers. That should throw up some weird hits on google. If you are researching post great war Germany and the rise of national socialism you have come to the wrong site. Unfortunately if you are looking for news on the 5 promised signs for charlton you are also out of luck

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Close season blues

still no new signing? Here is something to pass the time. Find all seven. Imagine a world with seven hoffs! Marvelous

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saviola history repeating?

Reet Smoot and The Beard of Doom: August 2004 I am not going to say anything but then again Bent was rumoured same time last year too.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

History of Charlton Supporters Clubs

There seems to be some confusion with all the independent supporters clubs being formed. Which seems the ideal time to quickly review the history of Charlton supporters clubs. It all started with the launch of the popular Charlton supporters front (pcsf) not to be confused with the popular front of Charlton supporters (pfcs) or the Charlton front for popular supporters (cfps). The main aim of the pcsf was to introduce more initials into the wider world as encouraged by the CIITWW. This was jointly supported by the Charlton athletic initial promotion scheme (cafcips) which encouraged the use of cafc where ever possible. As they were only a steering body (cafcips(sb))and had no active powers they agreed to the formation of the pcsf. This caused a split within the cafcips(sb) because of the lack of cafc within pcsf. This lead to the formation of a splinter provisional group pcafcips(sb) which formed the pfcs and the cfps. realising their mistake they dissolved the pcafcips (sb)(ret) and reformed the ncafcips (sb). The main body of the cafcips realised the ncafcips (sb) was bringing shame to their name nay initials. This lead to the entire group being dissolved and the formation of the Everything must start with Charlton athletic football clubs initial group (emswcafcig) this organisation virtually imploded as soon as the stationary was printed. The whole scheme was abandoned when it was discovered to be a plot by a local badge and sticker maker who was immediately suspended by his local committee (lbsmo (Charlton and Woolwich branch)). This then lead to the re-emergence of the pcsf not to be confused with the pfcs or the .......................

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Committee to Protect Bloggers

Committee to Protect Bloggers i knew if i looked someone would have thought of it already!

Chinese blogs face restrictions

Chinese blogs face restrictions. We don't know how lucky we are! I am no good at protesting but support a Chinese blogger by finding one and adding a link to your own site. You never know it could work.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Gonzalo Sorondo signs this week

Sonordo and Lisbie soon to be team mates? inside sources say he is coming for a medical on friday and will sign shortly after

Friday, June 03, 2005

KLUIVERT linked to Addicks

Made you look! Its easy this rumour business