Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Don't only sing when you are winning

Rivals.net - Messageboard
Elton John was honored the other night for his amazing song writing and wig wearing for the last 65 years. But he only writes the tunes he doesn't do the words and as everybody knows its the words that count. This can be clearly seen in the fine efforts of budding Elton's or even will young's on the rivals.net message board. The transformation of Babooshka in to a soaring epic celebrating the prowess of Talal el Karkouri would certainly require Kate to undertake some introspective examination of her soul, search the inner bush as it were. To discover how she missed these almost god given lyrics to her mournful ditty. ( inspiration strikes - to the theme of Wuthering heights - Danny Danny you can score at home now oh oh oh oh Danny Danny Danny Murphy he he he he etc rough working early days still ) We have some wonderful songs at the valley, songs note not chants we have plenty of them too but songs are what we all secretly love. I have always wondered how they start, I have great admiration for who ever thinks them up and can only imagine what it must be like to her your idea on the terraces. A recent favorite is the Jason euell / gold tune, utter genius a cheesy disco beered up favorite of mine. In fact I have more than once made international phone calls at 2 in the morning so my ex pat mates realise what their missing down the over 30 room in the local clubs. Being a polite resident of the west stand however means to get any of my songs sung would require solos with mega phones so the north stand could hear. I may get away with it in the Bernabeu ( yes that is me you can hear on Spanish football on a Sunday - private jet, taught zidane everything he knows long story don't like to talk about it) but I imagine a swift exit would follow at the valley. This self imposed silence has lead to the passing of several songs in to unsung history - Charlie MacDonald had a goal ei ei ei oh and my personal favorite he's fast he's quick he is a type of crisp martin pringle martin pringle (regrets I had a few but nothing compares to never hearing that sung). Has my time come at last though? Has the digital revolution allowed me to broadcast to the world? No but at least I can get them off my chest

Rommedahl -blondie - Dennis Dennis - ideal words and tune already written
jeffers - flipper theme tune - franny faster than lighting?
Jerome Thomas - Thomas the tank/ goal engine? Could be a 50 style whistling one. Just getting silly now

Well I was wrong about the yellow balls and I needed something to write about the football is proving hard to be inspired about. Well i am off to try and find something to rhyme with Hreidarsson

Monday, November 15, 2004

What have you done?

I go away for a few weeks and I the whole place goes to the dogs. The boro result didn't help my already downward spiral so I just walked away from it all for a short while to rediscover the spark or the flame whatever to be arsed to write something. The boys have done a job the spurs result was fantastic I had every talisman superstition or pre match routine in full flow but our luck has changed. We have got that unexpected away win which normally kick starts our season its just come a lot later this year than normal. The Norwich result has help us push on further again we are back in the top ten again. But the understandable disappointment of the previous games is still there lurking in the background ready to return at a seconds notice. We have in the way started to experience one of the few down sides of being a premiership club the spotlight, the tabloid feeding frenzy. If they feel there are legs in a story they will just keep bringing it up again and again. Previously the only story was curbs to spurs, Liverpool next England manager whatever, there had been no interest in the relationship between the fans and the club. You see no one wants to read good news about other clubs just the same bad news rehashed again and again. Football hacks play to the crowd they write what the majority wants to read and I tell you we aint them. So any hint of trouble they think ahhh I don't have to run that Charlton well run club story again ! I'll just cut and paste that last tottenham boo boys story. This is where we come to the crux we are being compared to tottenham not their so called' big club' status or their revolving managers door policy but their bloody fans! Possibly the worst aspect of that dinosaur of 20th century football. So please stop moaning, so next time is see a boo boys headline I can in confidence skip over it knowing that it is the spurs match report.

p.s. yellow balls are key to our success - 2004 6 from 6 since we started using them. 1999 - last time cafc played with jaundice balls we won the 1st division 13 wins on the trot.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

TEAMtalk Football - Football News Service - TEAMtalk column News

TEAMtalk Football - Football News Service - TEAMtalk column News Joy of Joys the truth about tottenham. i hate them for this very reason. you are not a big club

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Still here

I am still here just sitting quietly in the corner watching you sleep , go shopping , go down the pub trying on those green pants again...........What am waffling on about again ? Spurs result fantastic just a bit snowed under at the moment so blogging has taken a back seat. Quick word though Thomas is doing the business is it time for jcr to return?

p.s gta san andreas very serious threat to what spare time I have got