Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Farewell curbs you have done us proud and fair play to the board for sticking with him when we went down its very rare that you get common sense in football but we seem to have a surplus. Perhaps we could lend some to the fa. Then again common sense does not seem to win you anything in football so lets all go mental and splash the cash on a world class manager they will be a few left over from the world cup in the summer. Remember wenger was big in Japan before he started small in north London. Anyway farewell curbs I liked you lot and to be honest you could have stayed another 15 years in my books but I don't like sudden changes and don't worry about the England job they would have crucified you and your family especially the Steve Crame business.

moments of joy for me under curbs ( no not like that you perverts)

play off semi shaun newton goal
play off final
winning the league when 18 points clear, 13 wins on the trot and losing 3 nil to ipswich and loving it because we had a trophy to cheer
chelsea win boxing day
men in black at highbury
Johnny Robinson goals against man u (3-3) and huddersfield 35 yard volley (youds last match btw)
jonah scoring against liverpool
kinsella volley against man city
bartlett against leicester (goal of the season on motd)
doing spurs at the lane

and hopefully one last one doing united at old trafford


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