Monday, September 20, 2004


I must admit I have been awol for , going by my last post, five days it doesn't seem that long but you gain you lose. A surprisingly heavy weekend after a busy week at work has slowed my posting speed considerably. But the Birmingham result was acceptable after my own and the clubs previous outings steadying the good ship Charlton and not to much excitement for me. I cannot believe so called fans have been calling Radio London saying Curbs should go are you mental? Charlton's recent history makes us a special club in the fact that we stared oblivion in the face and survived we need a manager that understands this. Curbs is the man because he lived through it with us and all the boo boys and radio phone in ranters should go back to spurs where they belong. I have mentioned this before where expectation of success seems to be taking over from the survival instinct which isn't to say we should not have ambition but we must always remember where we came from. As the song goes 'and if you know you history it enough to make your heart go....' So remember to be a Charlton fan is to watch football with hope and joy in your heart, hope that may win something and joy that we can still watch Charlton in the best league in the world.

It would be nice however if the good ship addick did sail some uncharted territory this season with a little cruise round the country on a bit of a cup run. I know I do try to inject a bit of humour in to my posts but don't laugh I am being serious. We've got to have one soon haven't we? If we are lucky we will get premiership teams all the way then we may stand a chance. Bournemouth on penalties I ask you and was it that winger from stoke who scored from 45 yards at a full sprint? The commentators classic cliche 'you couldn't write this script' yes you can it happens every bloody year! We must have some cup run curse I am sure I saw a witch doctor in beagle strip running away from the Valley the other day. I am sure the carvery has buggered up the feng shui as well blocking the tigers path to water (very serious look it up). So tomorrow bend some spoons and put on your lucky pants the football gods need pacifying. Lets go all the way to Cardiff for a start is closer than Grimsby and a good night out i plan on going awol for about a week if we do.


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