Thursday, September 09, 2004

Reet pulls himself off

After my own poor performance after the Austria game I am subbing myself, put me on the bench where I belong. Perhaps I had been up all night playing tomb raider or stories in the press effected me I don't know what happened. I thought I had it covered but as I bent down to scoop it up nuts! Through my legs and the granny shagging story was in the back of the net. I am ashamed of myself but that's all you are going to get here because I am not talking to the press. The general consensus of opinion is that it was a childish act by the players to refuse to talk to the press. Watching sky sports news this morning however it seemed to me it was not only the players throwing their toys out of the pram but the footy hacks as well. I have a personal dislike for footy hacks who stare down from their moral high ground at the players who are in no way angels at all, but people in glass houses. They are not even football fans because they couldn't write rationally about if they were not that they do anyway very often. I suspect that 90% of hacks are spurs or manyoo fans, lets look at the facts one- the general misconception in the press that tottenham are still a big club they are not they are a mid table side with grossly self inflated delusions of grandeur. Two- hacks are paid to fly round the world and watch footy and they still moan and still get the match reports wrong ie see what they want to see, spurs and manyoo fans I rest my case. How many times on a Monday or a Sunday have you read a Charlton report and gone 'what the hell are they talking about!' and then to you loved ones or workmates annoyance spend the next hour talking through the match blow by blow of how it actually happen (you know you love it) .

This is why I believe that blogging is going to help change the face of football not dramatically I am not mental but enough that people will notice. Players already have their own webpages but now the facility is here that every fan can to. So some hack drunk in a hotel bar 15 minutes before the game finishes can no longer claim to be the voice of the fans like one did this morning on sky sports news and as you can tell got my goat up.

But now all energies can be focus back on to the beloved Addicks no delusions of grandeur no primadonnas having hissy fits in front of the nations press. Just Charlton steaming towards the title and a 100 % home record ( I can have delusions I am allowed ) Monday night games though throws me off kilter all week my body clock is footy sensitive similar to photo sensitive except rather than the morning light waking me the evening footy knocks out . You 've been to the valley tomorrow must be Sunday have a lie in, so it will be four alarms for me on Tuesday. Well see you down the valley back to the real footy and something to get me teeth in to.

ps a quick word on Defoe , you can clearly see the skills he learnt at Charlton coming to the fore it is rumored that spin was mastered in the valley car park as he turned tail and legged it to the Spanners. Since he left to join a bigger club young Judas has yet to finish above us in the league keep it up Defoe you are doing a sterling job!


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