Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mystic Reet sees all in his ball (crystal of course but it does not rhyme)

Physic feelings ,feng shui and now soothsaying I am spiraling in to the underbelly of the underworld of the occult nothing underhand you understand. Just under the influence of being under the weather has reopened my mind to the forces of the cosmos the walls of normal rational thought has fallen under the weight of the underlying pressure of the ....That's it I am out of unders apart from that one. Right lets start again I won a wager last night and now believe I can predict the future. Yes I know I need more sleep but the joy of skyplus means after struggling home from the match through the late night traffic you can then stay up and watch it all again! Small pleasures and all that. Before anyone goes and puts down their life's savings on my next prediction I must state that I am the worlds worst gambler and bookies favorite I very rarely win and when I do I think 'I knew that was going to happen why didn't I put more on?' -mug. I shall have to watch Alex Hammond's tips on skysports news for purely non financial reasons. Anyway I digress which is unlike me my next surefire guaranteed prediction -

we are going to stop Arsenals run..................

we are going to do them, everyone's afraid to say it but we all know its going to happen. Don't we ? I haven't seen anything that suggests this i just popped in to my head. i have yet to work out the score but I will let you know later in the week. That will put the wind up Wenger (undercover cravat wearer bring down British ties from the inside)

You may think I just type these ramblings straight out but you would be wrong I have actually got a team of fifteen editors and ghost writers supporting me. They have suggested I get round to mentioning last nights game so I will in typical Reet short hand. Started well then just faded away till half time some close calls at either end but nothing to write home about, shame about Jeffers. jj learn to jump its easy you see enough people doing it around you all the time that's how you win headers. On a side note I saw large numbers of Scandinavian visitors last night I don't know which brand but they are always welcome. On a similar theme Murphy did well last night Mrs that is how many blonde mates has she got? I don't care I just like to thank her for bringing all of them along each match day. Danny did okay on the pitch too not so many wayward passes just need a few more goals now and we will all be laughing. Second half good goal from talal he is no replacement for Scotty as the Evening Standard suggests today but he can definitely head a ball as chevio found out pre season. Disagreeing with the papers again the Sun gave Stuart a five, I personally thought he was the difference from the Southampton game giving us that spark and bite again. He breaks up some of the attacks and creates some counters. Hopefully the rest of the mid field will follow soon and I glad to see the lack of booing of players that never helps anyone. The back four are starting to look solid again and stepped in to the breach when deano made an uncharacteristic mistake. Unlucky Kish good drag back, Friedal just guessed the right way and stuck a foot out. Well I am going off to a darkened flotation tank to get my lottery numbers but remember we will end the Gunners run and lets sell out the valley for the Norwood Palace game and show them what being a premiership team is all about. (I mean winning stuff not being knocked out by smaller clubs) .


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