Monday, November 21, 2005

Gary Glitters red and white army

Charlton Athletic Are you man u? if so you are probably now a nonce as well as a ponce. cheating horseface kiddy fiddler, i see you have your finger in a dyke, would you like some schweets?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My London - South Mimms

South Mimms was originally know for being the site of the worlds first underground drainage system. The system extended over 15 miles until its collapse in 1347 which resulted in the lost of north mimms, just to the east. Most villages would have disappeared in to obscurity. However since the induction of the parish of south mimms into the metropolitan police region in 1840. A rich and vibrant community has grown up around an area know locally then internationally as 'the services'. Originally home for highwaymen and coachmen in a strange form of truce away from the open road, south mimms soon grew in to a bustling region of London. Where anything was available from women of questionable virtue to travel rugs of questionable warmth. One of the great mysteries is when shortbread became a local delicacy, this however has been lost in the mists of time. In the modern age as highwaymen were made obsolete by the congestion charge and coachmen developed larger bladders the services were in a lull. The invention of prepacked sandwiches, soon saw south mimms enter its golden age. Families on route to the north , truckers ( looking for a place to forget buried hitch hikers) and sales reps reveled in an ecstasy of coming together for a ginsters. Through out the 90's ravers passed through more than once trying to find fabled free parties. With a ready supply of soft porn, spud u like and lax cctv on the car park many never left. However the continuous supply of piping hot potatoes were to end this golden era . Mavis Roundtree (pictured above) fuelled by insomnia and cheap amphetamine worked continuously from 14th June 1985 till that fateful day in 1999 when she spontaneously combusted. The 13th century thatch did not stand a chance, south mimms as we knew it was lost to myth. However the community came together in a spirit reminiscent of the blitz, in a frenzy of building managed to knock up a new services in four short years. So today a vibrant fusion of cultures ( fried chicken and paini's) prosper in a spirit of internationalism not seen since Danzig between the wars. Well to close as Samuel Johnson once said if you are tired....Take a break and stretch your legs.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is London

Has anyone got the link to the this is London Charlton page because I am having trouble finding it and I am supposed to be watching it for forever! It is a shockingly bad website.

New Look for Reet

Reet's mid life crisis did have some fringe benefits. I would have never worn tassels in my twenties!

Time Passes......

Happy Birthday Alan. I haven't posted for ages, writers block I fear. Since I last properly posted I seem to be having the opposite and early mid life crisis. Since reaching a certain age last year I have constantly protested to friends and family alike ' its not to bad just the same as before'. But I realise I have been kidding myself , which I find worryingly easy to do. shit I have dried up already. back again after spending 9 years in a cliched (but true) dead end job until may 2004 I have changed company three times and roles 4 times and moved house. Its like being involved in a pleasant car crash you can see what is coming but you cannot avoid it. Most strange. Anyway that's what's happened to me and that's why I have been a bit quiet. On the happy birthday note I have also failed to mention significant events since I have been 'running deep' so a quick list. Brown boy and blanco got married. Log has grown a little twig, well done I know your part was the hardest. Disgrace (to our mother) has grown his hair and gone aussie ( he did get some brownie points by jumping and cheering on a Melbourne commuter train at 6 in the morning when Hughes scored the 5th penalty).

the boys have soared the heights of the league and now are taking a short breather before challenging again ( we hope). A quick word on Bryan Hughes he keeps getting described as a journeyman player( by footy hacks) which in footballing terms I always assumed meant squad player loads of clubs . Journeyman actually means one step up from apprentice either way its not a nice term. He is never going to be a cult hero but let him enjoy his moment in the sun. I still hate hacks and pundits. Mrs Murphy also revealed she is a bit of a jinx the other day ( in her role as a columnist, not hack columnist) and proved it by the Bolton game. She is however a minx so a solution is required. I feel I have the answer turn up at the start of the game wander round looking a bit special support Danny, give me a stiff neck ( this is a family blog) then jump on a bike cab over to the Kebab Ye Den balls up their home games then fly back pronto for the Powelly pitchside panto performance! Perfect.

Anyway back to the grindstone. Happy birthday Alan once again