Monday, December 26, 2005

merry christmas!

just going out for boxing day night down here in sydney but will be keeping an ear out for the game. merry christmas everybody good luck the lads up the addicks!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

he come from a land of thunder

downunder at the mo working on the third album! pictures to follow soon

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Zee Berlin To Nuremberg Rally! June 2006

Dum dum dum ......... dum 'ello ici London ici London......A message to the free peoples of Europe......The swallow flies low.......The cow sits happily in its meadow........John has a long moustache...... Its on June 2006 Zee Berlin to Nuremberg Rally! A few days with the Brazilian and Swedish ladies in Berlin then onwards south to the join up with the boys in Nuremberg. Let me know if you are on the run to in the area and I shall get Donald on the escape committee to knock up some more papers before his eyes go!

ps gud luck!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Merry Christmas!

this applies to you bloggers as well merry Christmas you lot

Hello one and all and merry Christmas to all here! My long distance friends will know I do not bother sending Christmas cards but a Christmas email with humorous overtones. But due to now having to work for a living rather than just turn up I am afraid I have not done anything this year. My local friends will know in the past that I dish out the old Xmas cards down the pub with two days to spare but this year I will be down under so that's is out of the equation. So I thought well I won't bother with any of it I am off to the sun who needs cards on a beach! But unfortunately maternal pressure and guilt ( not only my own- Chris , Joe and George your mothers played their part - they love a card mums) realised I must do something. But buying cards for the sake of it never sits well with me and in a road to Damascus style conversion (Chris's mum) I have become the good Samaritan and via Oxfam and on your behalf I have purchased a thunderbox for the third world ! Some poor farmer after a hard days slog can now sit down read the paper in peace. Seriously though its a good cause for the price of a box of cards you can buy school dinners for 100 kids!
So once again merry crimbo and have a good new year
check the site.....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Its like the bat cave

The End?

Great song I shall have to put it on my ipod. I was just checking back in my archives for disgrace and found my first ever post was about blogging or getting an ipod to be trendy. I have due to an upcoming 24hr flight purchased a ipod ( video one 5 star all the way these days) does this mean the end of blogging for reet? Judging by my lack of posts it looks like I stopped back in June July time! But I shall carry on! I shall be down under this Christmas so will feel the need to vent my spleen at some stage. Anyway Charlton, don't worry we will be alright. Its good to feel like we could win or lose any game by 10 nil every time that's what being a Charlton fan is all about! I am hoping for another 8 goal thriller against Sunderland get Clive down, get a cup made up, bit of fireworks and cheerleaders beautiful. Keep smiling you are lucky, you are not a spurs fan.