Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Bored Identity

Hello is anybody there? I have just woken up in a deserted valley with no memory of how I got here ( no I am not Jason Bourne, though I do know the chi-dong death touch and I don't know why) They always say its important to retrace your steps when dealing with memory loss. I remember Kelly Holmes parading her medals then someone blew a whistle ah Charlton Southampton that explains it I fell in to a restful sleep. I am overly optimistic when it comes to Charlton but even I had to admit Mondays game was a shocker. We still got a point admittedly against an equally poor saints but a points a point. After the away reverses it is nice to stop the rot and steady the ship and to use another cliche sometimes you have to grind out results like that. I feel as fans we need to be a bit more patient booing off the team left a sour taste in my mouth it was only the third home game we need to put things in perspective. Remember booing is copyrighted by spurs fans I don't want to start paying them royalties.

Deanos good form is a welcome ray of light and the continued effort shown by Jason I believe is recognized by the crowd. Murphy had a absolute nightmare, cannot say more than that I am moving swiftly on. The front two had a quiet game, Lisbie is definitely trying harder these days which I believe is an offshoot of training with franny. A few goals to go with it would be nice. More than a few times I heard mentioned that we were waiting for the fabled 'click' and hopefully we will after a good uninterrupted spell of games. Chris Perrys return shows that the posters worked and he offered us much needed stability at the back. The back four were under constant pressure through out the game as the mid field as a unit seemed to go missing for spells. We are not suited to long ball at the best of times ( do the practice heading with the forwards?) but with our two shortest players upfront was madness. Jason Euell in the hole behind the front is my answer balls to feet, running on to knock downs switching with Murphy and Rom it's going to be special, once we find the fabled click. But time is needed, this year has probably seen more first team changes than in a long time. Because the transfers happen way before the window closed that we imagine the players have been with the club a lot longer than we think. Not only do they need to bed in but Curbs needs to find a formation and team that he is happy with which he tends to do to my untrained eye during the season rather than before.

See I was that bored Monday I started talking about formations lets hope for win next time.


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