Thursday, September 23, 2004

Pants do the job

Well that was unexpected we won a cup game obviously this has lead to delirium and booking of hotel rooms in Cardiff we are going all the way! Due to my current knackered state my enthusiasm for posted is waning today so I will be briefer than normal. I sure something will pop up soon that I can get my blogging teeth in to but at the moment I am typing like I am pissed this is going to take an age to spellcheck.

first of all well done Danny and franny hopefully this is a good sign for the future. Great joy when watching skysports centre when our appointed pundit ( I cannot remember who it was the days are blurring in to one long week) uttered the cliche 'well that shows the difference in class a premiership side only need that one chance and they take it' how many times have we been on the end of that one? Pundits get up my nose more than footy hacks if there is an obvious cliche or ironic fact don't let it go unsaid lads spurt it out with the rest of your bollocks. Why wear a tie the same colour as your shirt you may as well wear a nice pullover. Oh shit the ties have popped in to my fevered mind again sorry I better stop.

oh yes my other point lets get a good crowd down for the cup game against norwood palace and sing our hearts out. The Southampton game felt like a morgue, lots of simple chants that's what we want ease the crowd in slowly. BUILD A BONFIRE BUILD A BONFIRE!


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