Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Missing in Inaction

Please help even if you don't think its important it may be the breakthrough we are looking for! Chris' disappearance has left a huge hole in our lives mainly in the back line but our lives as well.

image nicked in good faith from all quiet...

Blue Moon you saw me standing at the bar

Three days of mourning should be enough I think I can return to the world of football. Up and down, hot and cold are just some of the descriptions of Charlton I have heard over the weekend from the non addicked. For the addicked a simple bloody infuriating. It does shine the hard light of reality on my previously halcyon view of the past couple of weeks. There were times during the villa game when we looked at bit dodgy but we came good in the end and the pompey result was fair but the game was close. Its not all doom and gloom, it cannot be that's how bad runs start - in the mind. A positive outlook is required at all times when Charlton is involved, I am not Uri Gellar but its got to be better than the pessimism of the last few days. This is obviously hard with the two away outings of recent times but we do get several similar results every season. Its just this time they happen one after another compounding the disappointment but they were either side of two home wins( see that looks better already) Which means on the brightside we will go on a bit of a run win the league wallop champions league next season. You may be thinking Reet be serious be a bit more realistic but where is the fun in that? I need to find a bright side my weather proof weekend wasn't as you can imagine football proof.

I have a confession I do on occasions drink with fans from other clubs...I'll give you a moment to get over the shock, whilst I cry a silent tear of shame...Its not their fault you cannot blame them, I just don't see black and white ( well you wouldn't on a weekend most of them go back to the toon) I just see one happy family of football. I was with a Liverpool fan (70's version of a man u fan) never been to the wirral in his life, a cab driving part-time builder ie a spurs fan. (third place with four games gone Jesus he was so happy you would have thought Alan sugar had died*). Very much following up the rear Palace a buffer zone protecting me from complete piss taking from the lads. Lastly an aussie returning to the scene of the crime. Always a nice safe bet when you want to deflect from your own short comings point out the aussies own and let them fly. Special recommendation to the spurs boy for pointing out that most aussies would gladly give up all their Olympic medals to have the premier league. And my own' you are so good at swimming because you're all trying to escape'. Pubs the home of diplomacy

As day waned in to night, anger and pain gave way to disappointment I thought forget it bank holiday beano to be had. Then the manc turned up, here we go disappointment rapidly heading towards annoyance and early bath. ' out of respect for you, I will not be mentioning football tonight ' hopeful amazement rushed through my body could I get that lucky? A whole night in the Rock** without mention of the days earlier dark moments? Resigned acceptance of my own naivete accompanied the first of all three verses of Blue moon. I was indeed standing alone. I am made of stronger stuff I have stood at Charlton station whilst an entire train of poorer mancs have kindly pointed out that I had indeed eaten all the pies (well it was boxing day). This crooners calls of blue moon could not go unanswered! As the pipes trilled in mi heed Valley Floyd rd was returned with full crowd effects as do when singing footy songs solo. Honor was restored the red sword had risen again hands were shook pints swapped beano back on course! My bank holiday weekend I hope will reflect Charlton's spirits in the next few days a bit of a downer to start but put in some hard drinking sorry training, refresh the team (avoid scouse girls who cannot stop talking***) and bounce back.

in conclusion I realize somethings never change the Liverpool fan still thinks they can win the league again, the spurs fan still goes on about history (something aussies know nothin' about! ) and the Palace fan is already looking up prices for a return ticket to Milton Keynes. As for the manc 30,000 in the second division shows that you obviously enjoyed it why not try it again? The faithful addick however looks on the brightside after that boxing day defeat we went on to win the first division by 18 points with 10 games to spare. Its an omen, its coming lads I can feel it.

Reets moment of the day sponsored by Stella - the final whistle
today's balls sponsorship was by lambs navy rum supporting bollocks talked in pubs since 1805.

* to add a darker note to the site I am in negotiation to bring views from the other side - Faded Glamour a spurs eye view of the world and Football Bundle -view from the bottom of the pile by Palace.

** one of the best pubs in the world thats why its got a codename to keep it that way

*** only joking love give me phone! I'm so alone I write a football blog for christsake! It was either pay for the webcounter or the dating service oh look 4 hits today any of you fancy going out for a drink?

Friday, August 27, 2004

This generation
Rules the nation
With version

Curbs nose Bent out of shape

bloody error lost a post again. So will summarize in peed off short hand
1. Bent never mind
2. saviola or portillo go on curbs
3. Where is Chris Perry?
4. Althea and Donna- next home game double bill with Musical Youth - genius I should work in light entertainment

Pint of numbers please!

Weather proof bank holiday planned

O'Leary out on the town on Wednesday night !

David O'Leary seems uncharacteristically cheerful after the mid week drubbing

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Saviola? I thought I made up the rumors

Saviola's reaction gives nothing away as he hears the Spurs scout is in Spain for Figo not him

Jeffers replies to Linaker's MOD slur

Oi Linaker your ears are this much bigger

Young Gifted and Right Back!

Well well well what happen there? I am still in a state of shock from Wednesday night not at the win, I always expect us to win, but in the style in which we did it. Style is the right word to once we got going villa seemed to be second to every ball the boys were on fire. I normally have a sense of the how the game is going to go, a feeling in the belly, the smell in the air or how the lights change on the way to the game. Last night however I was out of network range not getting any mystic signals. So I entered the Valley knowing anything could happen and it did. The game started at a cracking pace and carried on that way right in to the second half when villa realized the game was up and their heads dropped. The boys are playing with what seemed to be bundles of self confidence, you can see it especially in the excisting squad as they obviously react quicker to curbs firing them up. The new boys are slowly rising under uncle curbs heat of encouragement hopefully turning in to something quite tasty. Unlike young mister Cole who even though given time and effort in curbs footballing kitchen collapsed like one of Delia's souffles (don't sue Delia your the only football related chef.. Sorry Ramsey played for rangers) collapsed like one of Ramsey's f***ing s*** souffles. What am I going on about? Tonight's post isn't even sponsored by Czech firebrand lager (it could be if I mention them enough) Talking of Mr Cole his treatment was truly remarkable in the fact that it did bring the crowd together I haven't witness such successful and consistent booing since the days of Kevin Muscat (I wonder if he has paid Matty Holmes yet?) We even managed to break the curse of returning player scoring against us and they had two chances of doing that to! Its always so much more enjoyable when you win well. Saturdays game was good because there was an aspect of ahhhh unlucky! But yesterday was a simple - we are considerably better than you (apologies to Harry Enfield) .

A quick word on the players as most of this has been covered in many blogs already. (other blogs are available through forever and all quiet... I will sort out the links soon..Well hopefully by the end of the season). Mr Young, cracking goal well taken. It reminded me of Greg Shields one against Birmingham a couple of years ago in the fact that they both defenders and the scored with their feet. Luke deserved his goal he tends to get a lot of grief from those who sit around me, which is not unusual as they tend to give the ball boys grief as well. He does have to work on crossing first time but his defensive duties he does not shirk at and you cannot ask more than that the clues in the name 'defender' . On a side note I can see why blogging is getting popular when so called professional sites get basic facts wrong. Inspector sands pointed out the itv blunder last week (perhaps Gaby Logan was typing whilst driving) Even the good old beeb got it wrong in their match report they accredited Rom with the killer pass for Young when it was Rad deliberately bouncing the ball off of the villains defender. Jon Fortune is another player who deserves some credit not just for featuring on the Barclays cash machine in Blackheath village but for some good solid defensive play. I have always like Jon he came in when Ruf first got injured and it looks like he is carrying on where Richard left off. He plays under amazing pressure for a young lad, a woman who will remain nameless (as I don't know it) Shouts at him every pre-season from behind the goal at Welling. If it was insults most players could cope but seeing as she keeps offering to take him home and feed him up a bit its a wonder he doesn't ask to play up front again. It is rumored that Newts still has a restraining order out against her. Dennis will be great, remember your first day at work? Did people gasp at you after 3hrs because you couldn't work the photocopier no? Well leave him alone he is going to rip the premiership to shred's. This is a local complaint for the area where I sit (lower west near the wives I give Mrs Murphy a little wink every now and then*) nice seats but my neighbors do moan like cabbies at whitehart lane. Right rounding off with my new feature Reets Best bit - loads to choose from Euell's tackle on edge of the area good effort Jason but this weeks one has got to be the Jeffers five minute brace. Utter quality nothing beats the feeling of going absolutely f***ing mental twice in the space of five minutes. A new cult hero is re-born.

Many thanks to blanco for his sterling effort on the headline and that's a fact.

*Sorry Danny**

** We've still got Danny Murphy great!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

O'Leary's pre-match preview

David O'Leary ponders that Charlton is indeed not local.

O'Leary and Tubbs

Kidd- don't touch the things your not local!
O'Leary- poofter eh?

Could be worst Shaka!

Shaka thinks back to leaving West Ham to cheer himself up after Saturdays wonder goal against him.

Farewell Peter Stockwell

One of the great characters of the game left the lime light yesterday Paul Sidcup.. sorry Sturrock left Southampton by Mutual Consent. Mutual is one of the best coach companies on the south coast they deal with all Southampton's ex managers. Whether its short runs to North London (possible return ticket) or longer ones to .. where ever Paul came from. The reason why Southampton have a caretaker manager is the fact Lowe thought he had sacked the caretaker and by the time realized his mistake he thought what the hell and gave the janitor a tracksuit. Beatie is still sweeping up until he takes his house off the market anyway. Why do clubs sack their managers after such a short space of time? A bit of patience is needed. Well Paul a bit a sympathy from me enjoy this lookalike again.

This is my fan club president and also my lover...

SChtop...your flag is not ready yet. Nice one Roda jc

Monday, August 23, 2004

Jeffers comes on as sub for bez at happy mondays gig

Golden Girl.

Well Done Kelly!


Sunday, August 22, 2004

That's better

Strangely quiet at the valley at the weekend possibly the hangover from the Bolton conspiracy and the tail end of last season. I know the west stand is normally quiet but it was almost arsenal like on Saturday. The standing up side of football is limited in the west stand due to collective shyness and the leg room, in the north stand its normally stand up if you love dvt. But apart from the ever vocal e and f blocks even the north seemed quiet but this is not a reflection on the teams performance (which I will go in to later on). I believe the hush was due to a overpowering and it would seem smothering sense of expectation. Charlton are on the brink of moving on to that fabled next level of 'proper' premiership clubs. We are no longer recently promoted, no longer lucky through the playoffs, no longer scrapping through by the skin of our teeth. We are Charlton. Note no preceding 'plucky' or 'little old' we are Charlton premiership club. I think this realization has finally arrived to the majority of fans hence the great weight of expectation. Over the past two seasons I feel the focus of the club has changed, luckily the club realized this first, in fact seems to driving the changes. The long feared spectre of financial worries and having to leave the valley again has finally receded in to the background. It will always be there, which in my eyes is a good thing the old cliche of' the benefit of experience'. That collective fear is what keeps the club progressing in the way that it does. It makes it easier to run the club sensibly can you imagine the outcry at other clubs such as spurs (always good at moaning) or the hammers if an offer for a 48000 seater stadium (at the ill fated dome) was flatly turned down straight away. Why the fans asked? We would have to sell the valley and not be our own landlords replied the club, enough said, move on pay of some debt add a new stand slowly building up. This season however the acquisitions we have made in the summer has brought the realization to the fans that after steady progress over the last 10 years there maybe a chance of some dividends, a little bit of sugar on this season. This explains the devastation felt by us after the Bolton game and the nervousness at the Pompey game. We are so close and things seem to be going well everybody is dreading the unknown, getting nervous seeing major problems where they are just teething troubles. I feel we can have cause for some mild optimism this season we are only three points off the top so the title not out of our reach yet. As you can see expectation also fosters blind optimism.

The feeling of unease was not helped by the up and down performance by the team on Saturday. It will how ever take time for the team to adapt to the newcomers and visa versa , when they click boy its going to be good. Rommedahls run in the second half got me excited its nice to have a player who can only be stopped by giving away free kicks and the countless passes that were played in just behind him gives me confidence when they know each other better he is going to become a real threat. His defensive frailties were noticed but then again Claus only tackled twice in four years. Den (see he is a mate already) just needs to be shown how to get back they don't practice that at all on the continent, so fair play a problem that can be solved. Murphy* is a good solid player with undoubted talent ( he was Liverpool top scoring mid-fielder for the last three seasons ) but I feel he needs to play in the centre where he can push forward in to the box and not leave the wingback exposed. Hughes was on the bench which baffled me a bit seeing as Rads was being used in midfield. Perhaps Hughes may not have the tackling ability of Rads but from the Cheivo game I know he definitely has some good passing ability. But that's not to suggest the suns star man Rads shouldn't be there its just that every pass and tackle with him seems to be with a 50/50 chance of success. Well it adds to the excitement and his enthusiasm is appreciated. The front two did okay lisbie it would seem was a different player from the Bolton game but that is relying on other peoples verdicts as I mentioned in a previous post firebrand lager did my post match analysis for the last game. Bartlett always seems to try even though his touch is occasionally a little heavy but I like him, all the strikers though are playing their skins out with the threat of Jeffers hanging over them. When he came on within about a minute he had a crack from 25 yards. So more to be encouraged about. Jason Euell put in a good performance and took his goal well I hope his involvement with the Reggae Boyz adds to his game. A quick word on the officials, the lino on the west touch line was awful I think he will be in the coca cola quicker than palace but the ref was good enough to cope with this handicap. Finally to be honest as good as Bergers goal was our second was even better because they all count and we scored twice as many as they did. I don't care what the papers say we deserved it.

P.s. Forever charlton is the best website on the net cheers to them and inspector sands at all quiet... You type away in a darken basement its nice to know someone reads it.

P.P.S A quick word on women's beach volleyball is nice to know that the endeavor and hours of training that is put in by the players is recognized by making it an Olympic sport. Why wait for four years to congratulate these fine athletes every Saturday there is 15 minutes wasted at half time they could squeeze in a quick game and know they are truly appreciated. For christsake Varney look in to it does equality in sport mean nothing to you?

* We've got Danny Murphy! Quality.

Friday, August 20, 2004

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the valley.

oh missus! Lets hope not. Yes you in the front! I am talking to you get round the back and bang a couple home...Stop it oh how rude.

Curbs agrees with me again!

Merv move up make room for Reet on the bench

As I slowly come round from my coma of the past week and discover there is a sport called football again. I find that curbs agrees with me yet again , its true the season starts this weekend. Last week was a huge conspiracy no doubt by the Americans to draw attention away from Iraq or similar. I haven't read the papers but I can imagine the tired hacks dusting off the old giant killing headlines and even trying to work Charlton in to that old cali thistle headline from when Charlton legend john Barnes was up at Celtic. But we move on look forward to the weekend first home game first full valley of the year nice. Mrs curbs will have her rolling pin out for Alan on Sunday as I imagine a few snifters will be had with Harry and Jim. pompey is always a good atmosphere with real fans singing their hearts out the only problem is the clean up afterwards, I have had reports from within the club that it takes 3-4 days just to clear the sporting life copies out of the away dressing room. I wonder if Frankie Howerd will at the valley tomorrow? I titter yee not.

Jcr worries name is too long for song

absence makes the curbs grow fonder?

jcr off on loan

I know its nice to keep signing players but it would be nice to see of the young lads given their chances this year. jcr loan move will hopefully help him like spottys move to Norwich did rather than do a MacDonald on him.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Lionel Blairs reaction to Bolton game

celebrityswears.com clues in the name of website a bit Woolwich with the language

Least its not wigan

This post is just for Jim. I told you wigan had a good rugby league side football is their second sport. Most of the team are part time. posties and bus drivers. Bitter? Me? Never

The season starts this Saturday

I don't get depressed or over analyze results like Saturdays. I f and blind during the 90 minutes then ignore and avoid footy for a few days. Ignorance is bliss as the season progresses I get better and may be able to talk about incorrect results. But for the time being it never happened, thankfully these days it doesn't happen as much as it used to so that's something to be grateful. I may even see some of match of the day this season. Its reported I watched it Saturday round a mates flat, this I cannot confirm but I can confirm that firebrand Czech lager is £6 for 8 cans . Which explains no post on Sunday and the worst round of golf of my life.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Oh could be good!

out with the old in with the new?

Stoke the fire, more rumors

whose nicked me leg?

I am going in to transfer rumor overload and its only going to get worst. My ideal signing (possible as well not cloud cuckoo) portillo from real possibly on loan (Owen move may help combined with joma boot sponsorship) the two young lads at santos Diego and robinho. Wayne Rooney on a free (well technically he is still yts)

Culture Corner

A bit of Culture occasionally on this site. The latest entry is a picture by a local south London artist this piece is titled Schwanson. It expresses the loneliness of the outsider looking in even when in the midst of a metropolitan nodal point. The confusion and fear of the artists tortured mind comes flooding out on to the canvas. The piece reflects on the artist own recent past which has seen him arrested for his own performance art consisting of self defecation and speaking in tongues at busy intersections.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Holy Smoke the Ruf is on Fire

The roof is fire! Its next to the burning bush

Yet another created story today about Richard Rufus becoming a priest. Richard has clearly stated that even though he is a born again christian the journalists have obviously read to much in to it. I sincerely hope however that this is not the last appearance in the public eye by Rufus. His long term injury problems have obvious forced him out of the limited public life that you receive as a Charlton player, but I feel that we should not let his remarkable career just fade away and finish on a whimper. He was one of a very rare breed a genuinely good loyal player who was with the club from youth to retirement. He won player of the year three times which is going some for a defender. Hopefully he will be able to remain connected to the club. Possibly as a role model and coach to keep the youth players grounded and give them a good understanding of footballing realities.

I believe there is a requirement to celebrate his playing career and life at Charlton. I propose the Rufus Challenge Cup with the lazio friendly already arranged at the end of the season. This would be an ideal time to remind inter Milan of their promised commitment to a friendly of several seasons ago. Include another British or possible European side a it would round off the centenary season nicely and allow Rufus a proper send off. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFUSSSSSS!

Irrational ranting


What is it about football and ties? I know a lot of deals are done through the connections with the old club tie similar to the old school tie. You are talking multi million pound deals done between big businesses but involve football and the deal turns sour. Hardly anyone associated with football can do his tie up properly its either the spotty parker - cravat with small tail style. The Varney time travel tie (its half a second ahead all the time) seen above, the sir jack Hayward classic peanut (he's worth 140 million for Christ sake get a valet). The luca vialli hint of tie and the all time favorite john Barnes school of tie camouflage and misdirection (same colour as shirt outrageous tartan jacket).
A Few in the game can hold their heads high and reveal a nice double Windsor. Bir Robby Sobson is a classic example I have noticed through my desperate attempts to find more photos of dodgy ties (failed as you can see) that sir bob through out footballs golden age never strayed far from the double. You would never catch Sir Bobby Charlton with a full length tie only reaching his third button sir alf Ramsey would spin in his grave. Rumors around sky sports centre suggest even jimmy hill has a nice neat knot, but no ones actually seen it in person its always a friend of a friend who has supposedly seen under the chin. Terry Venables has gone a bit loose on occasion but has regularly saved himself with the undone bowtie look you need some tomfoolery to carry it off but the TV money is coming in so he is coping. But due to lack of TV funding and exposure one knot will be denied us this season that's the old time favorite the Ron Atkinson noose. Not often seen outside of Alabama in fact not often seen outside the cloak that often . Sorry bit of a weird one but Varney look in a mirror or at least sack the photographer and webteam for letting the picture slip through.

That will pay for the hotel bills

Chelsea agree to pay 1.5 million for Cole cock up. If they had kept him in their reserves they never would have had to pay muppetskis

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fran on the run

Trying not to look to eager franny spots his cab pull up outside highbury


The best fantasy league going its free no restrictions you can chop and change as much as you want. check out yahoo Premiership

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ciao Paulo

well we cannot have it all our own way. Goodbye Paulo and good luck.

Mrs Murphy

today is getting better and better

Looking forward to some new chants

Do not forget Dennis ! I feel blondie coming to the terraces Dennis Dennis!

Fox in the Valley now

Just like buses

None for ages then two come along at once. I love football

Red shirts, shootings, cars up on bricks Charltons like a home from home

Thats better....

Lucky 13 (that was original title too)

I love transfers

I had written a huge blog about the joys of the closed season etc belief, cup runs and players wives I even worked in Nostradamus then I forgot to save the bloody thing. Okay the short version well done curbs welcome Danny , you know you want to Francis. Hello Mrs Murphy wink wink nudge nudge. Also ah Owen to real portillo on loan? Jumpers for goalposts young boys in the park. I cannot believe I didn't save that, bollocks I will have to put a picture of the Hoff to cheer me up

sorry lads i did not mean to score i plan to join you in 3 seasons

I am sorry stevie there is only room for me at charlton

Monday, August 09, 2004

Breaking NEWS!

You never know your luck

Everybody was happy at the start of the new season

Saturday, August 07, 2004

i am liking the perm

Friday, August 06, 2004

Italian physio shocks valley

I can wear white shoes with a black suit it goes with my magic sponge

Going down with the Regina!

Popped down the valley tonight for the pre season warm up against Cheivo Verona. The first half was slow in starting and never really got going even though two goals were scored second half was a bit more lively. This was obviously due to the half time re-fuel with some old classic songs coming out Andy hunt plays up front, Rufus and one of my favs kinkin kinsella! Peoples' minds where obviously drawn back to days of old by the centenary kit posters on the walls featuring a few faces from the past and present we all asked the question why no curbs in his playing days? Fresh faced with the same expression. Cheivo Verona put in a good effort at trying to sweep the board at the Athens Olympics diving competition. I now know why Italian football is slower they are never on their feet. Another reason for slow play was their insistence of two phisios running on the pitch every time someone went over. One of which I am sure was Dom Deluise. Justice was done with two cafc goals second half ,nice Hughes pen of which we should of had two of due to numerous handballs. It was nice to be back though and see the new north stand from the inside for the first time but I shall look forward to returning to the west and the superb waiter service.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hunt returns to the fray!

Oh Andy hunt Oh Andy Hunt he plays up front he's got a name like a fan-antino belize juan loppo

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Palace get lucky break


Lucky for the beagles 80% of their fans think crystal is spelt that way anyway and the remain 20% believe whatever is read to them

Monday, August 02, 2004

New month

I feel the need to post because its a new month I have nothing to say, I have obtained software to retrieve pics off of my phone so I shall be playing with that. Lots of work will keep me quiet for a few days unless we sign someone (please). Disgrace boy has an ipod now making a mockery of my site.