Monday, February 13, 2006

sage words from dannys wife

Managers almost never criticise their own players until they have been sold. It is why I was impressed when David Moyes said that Duncan Ferguson had let the team down after his sending-off against Wigan Athletic. It might have been indefensible, but some managers would have said that they had not seen the incident or that it was a gentle caress rather than a right hook to the stomach. I understand that managers have to be seen to be backing their players but sometimes honesty is quite refreshing.

shame Danny does not see it the same way and got the arse and left the club.

ps stop phoning me girl its over and I never go north of the river

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

War is declared! We will fight them in the in boxes!

Don't get me wrong I love the Hoff, but I hate to say it he is just to damn powerful. No one comes close when cowboy boots and skin tight jeans need wearing. Clarkson, Jovi you just fall short.

Why? You ask is the Hoff dominance a problem?

well he has always been popular in Germany and any land based war in Europe again it could strain the special relationship....That's all I am saying

no long debate I will let history do the talking. Churchill foresaw the gathering storm and set in to place actions that would years down the line prove fruitful.

ie the spitfire
ie radar

now every man has his calling, a vision if you must. Mine has come in the shape of Sir Cliff. Not at the moment as powerful as the Hoff but in a few years when we need him, he will be there ready and waiting. Plus the fact he has a cracking forehand volley and unrivalled climb rate.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dutchman dupes Danny over Deptford Roots!

Photographic proof that Murphy was duped by the devious Dutchman! Well know spurs fan and WWII black marketer Dave of the infamous duo chas n Dave reportedly helped the Netherlands based trickster in to conning the naive scouser in to believing that jol was from deptford explaining his accent ' I live very near zee Blackwell tunnel and smoke de super skunk'. Dave said 'I had to help martin cos he had some videos of his wife I wanted to borrow'

well there you have it a picture never lies*

* unlike my NVQ in photoshop that says pass

Murphy in the Sun unedited

“No disrespect to Charlton, but fuck them they are not Tottenham, in terms of the squad they have got, the fan base and in terms of the potential for a few extra grand a week.
“Everything was right this time and it is an opportunity for me which, if I had not taken it, I would have regretted for the rest of my career, which could have at least a year to go. Tottenham have great ambitions to win trophies and fight for the Champions League spots. So i though the obviously haven't got a clue get in there get the cash! That is the level of football I want to watch from the bench again”

" Plus the fact i get to ride free in black cabs as we all know Spurs fans are cab driving wankers who live in the past. Which is ideal for me as I am trying to grab back my glory days as a squad player Liverpool" Murphy also added " my wife Joanna was also fixated on a dashing young blogger called Reet Smoot it was taking over our lives she even started writing in the Times to be like him. Luckily Reet never goes north of the river and gets nauseous if he is anywhere near tottenham"