Friday, August 20, 2004

Curbs agrees with me again!

Merv move up make room for Reet on the bench

As I slowly come round from my coma of the past week and discover there is a sport called football again. I find that curbs agrees with me yet again , its true the season starts this weekend. Last week was a huge conspiracy no doubt by the Americans to draw attention away from Iraq or similar. I haven't read the papers but I can imagine the tired hacks dusting off the old giant killing headlines and even trying to work Charlton in to that old cali thistle headline from when Charlton legend john Barnes was up at Celtic. But we move on look forward to the weekend first home game first full valley of the year nice. Mrs curbs will have her rolling pin out for Alan on Sunday as I imagine a few snifters will be had with Harry and Jim. pompey is always a good atmosphere with real fans singing their hearts out the only problem is the clean up afterwards, I have had reports from within the club that it takes 3-4 days just to clear the sporting life copies out of the away dressing room. I wonder if Frankie Howerd will at the valley tomorrow? I titter yee not.


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