Thursday, August 12, 2004

Holy Smoke the Ruf is on Fire

The roof is fire! Its next to the burning bush

Yet another created story today about Richard Rufus becoming a priest. Richard has clearly stated that even though he is a born again christian the journalists have obviously read to much in to it. I sincerely hope however that this is not the last appearance in the public eye by Rufus. His long term injury problems have obvious forced him out of the limited public life that you receive as a Charlton player, but I feel that we should not let his remarkable career just fade away and finish on a whimper. He was one of a very rare breed a genuinely good loyal player who was with the club from youth to retirement. He won player of the year three times which is going some for a defender. Hopefully he will be able to remain connected to the club. Possibly as a role model and coach to keep the youth players grounded and give them a good understanding of footballing realities.

I believe there is a requirement to celebrate his playing career and life at Charlton. I propose the Rufus Challenge Cup with the lazio friendly already arranged at the end of the season. This would be an ideal time to remind inter Milan of their promised commitment to a friendly of several seasons ago. Include another British or possible European side a it would round off the centenary season nicely and allow Rufus a proper send off. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFUSSSSSS!


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