Friday, August 06, 2004

Going down with the Regina!

Popped down the valley tonight for the pre season warm up against Cheivo Verona. The first half was slow in starting and never really got going even though two goals were scored second half was a bit more lively. This was obviously due to the half time re-fuel with some old classic songs coming out Andy hunt plays up front, Rufus and one of my favs kinkin kinsella! Peoples' minds where obviously drawn back to days of old by the centenary kit posters on the walls featuring a few faces from the past and present we all asked the question why no curbs in his playing days? Fresh faced with the same expression. Cheivo Verona put in a good effort at trying to sweep the board at the Athens Olympics diving competition. I now know why Italian football is slower they are never on their feet. Another reason for slow play was their insistence of two phisios running on the pitch every time someone went over. One of which I am sure was Dom Deluise. Justice was done with two cafc goals second half ,nice Hughes pen of which we should of had two of due to numerous handballs. It was nice to be back though and see the new north stand from the inside for the first time but I shall look forward to returning to the west and the superb waiter service.


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