Thursday, August 26, 2004

Young Gifted and Right Back!

Well well well what happen there? I am still in a state of shock from Wednesday night not at the win, I always expect us to win, but in the style in which we did it. Style is the right word to once we got going villa seemed to be second to every ball the boys were on fire. I normally have a sense of the how the game is going to go, a feeling in the belly, the smell in the air or how the lights change on the way to the game. Last night however I was out of network range not getting any mystic signals. So I entered the Valley knowing anything could happen and it did. The game started at a cracking pace and carried on that way right in to the second half when villa realized the game was up and their heads dropped. The boys are playing with what seemed to be bundles of self confidence, you can see it especially in the excisting squad as they obviously react quicker to curbs firing them up. The new boys are slowly rising under uncle curbs heat of encouragement hopefully turning in to something quite tasty. Unlike young mister Cole who even though given time and effort in curbs footballing kitchen collapsed like one of Delia's souffles (don't sue Delia your the only football related chef.. Sorry Ramsey played for rangers) collapsed like one of Ramsey's f***ing s*** souffles. What am I going on about? Tonight's post isn't even sponsored by Czech firebrand lager (it could be if I mention them enough) Talking of Mr Cole his treatment was truly remarkable in the fact that it did bring the crowd together I haven't witness such successful and consistent booing since the days of Kevin Muscat (I wonder if he has paid Matty Holmes yet?) We even managed to break the curse of returning player scoring against us and they had two chances of doing that to! Its always so much more enjoyable when you win well. Saturdays game was good because there was an aspect of ahhhh unlucky! But yesterday was a simple - we are considerably better than you (apologies to Harry Enfield) .

A quick word on the players as most of this has been covered in many blogs already. (other blogs are available through forever and all quiet... I will sort out the links soon..Well hopefully by the end of the season). Mr Young, cracking goal well taken. It reminded me of Greg Shields one against Birmingham a couple of years ago in the fact that they both defenders and the scored with their feet. Luke deserved his goal he tends to get a lot of grief from those who sit around me, which is not unusual as they tend to give the ball boys grief as well. He does have to work on crossing first time but his defensive duties he does not shirk at and you cannot ask more than that the clues in the name 'defender' . On a side note I can see why blogging is getting popular when so called professional sites get basic facts wrong. Inspector sands pointed out the itv blunder last week (perhaps Gaby Logan was typing whilst driving) Even the good old beeb got it wrong in their match report they accredited Rom with the killer pass for Young when it was Rad deliberately bouncing the ball off of the villains defender. Jon Fortune is another player who deserves some credit not just for featuring on the Barclays cash machine in Blackheath village but for some good solid defensive play. I have always like Jon he came in when Ruf first got injured and it looks like he is carrying on where Richard left off. He plays under amazing pressure for a young lad, a woman who will remain nameless (as I don't know it) Shouts at him every pre-season from behind the goal at Welling. If it was insults most players could cope but seeing as she keeps offering to take him home and feed him up a bit its a wonder he doesn't ask to play up front again. It is rumored that Newts still has a restraining order out against her. Dennis will be great, remember your first day at work? Did people gasp at you after 3hrs because you couldn't work the photocopier no? Well leave him alone he is going to rip the premiership to shred's. This is a local complaint for the area where I sit (lower west near the wives I give Mrs Murphy a little wink every now and then*) nice seats but my neighbors do moan like cabbies at whitehart lane. Right rounding off with my new feature Reets Best bit - loads to choose from Euell's tackle on edge of the area good effort Jason but this weeks one has got to be the Jeffers five minute brace. Utter quality nothing beats the feeling of going absolutely f***ing mental twice in the space of five minutes. A new cult hero is re-born.

Many thanks to blanco for his sterling effort on the headline and that's a fact.

*Sorry Danny**

** We've still got Danny Murphy great!


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