Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Blue Moon you saw me standing at the bar

Three days of mourning should be enough I think I can return to the world of football. Up and down, hot and cold are just some of the descriptions of Charlton I have heard over the weekend from the non addicked. For the addicked a simple bloody infuriating. It does shine the hard light of reality on my previously halcyon view of the past couple of weeks. There were times during the villa game when we looked at bit dodgy but we came good in the end and the pompey result was fair but the game was close. Its not all doom and gloom, it cannot be that's how bad runs start - in the mind. A positive outlook is required at all times when Charlton is involved, I am not Uri Gellar but its got to be better than the pessimism of the last few days. This is obviously hard with the two away outings of recent times but we do get several similar results every season. Its just this time they happen one after another compounding the disappointment but they were either side of two home wins( see that looks better already) Which means on the brightside we will go on a bit of a run win the league wallop champions league next season. You may be thinking Reet be serious be a bit more realistic but where is the fun in that? I need to find a bright side my weather proof weekend wasn't as you can imagine football proof.

I have a confession I do on occasions drink with fans from other clubs...I'll give you a moment to get over the shock, whilst I cry a silent tear of shame...Its not their fault you cannot blame them, I just don't see black and white ( well you wouldn't on a weekend most of them go back to the toon) I just see one happy family of football. I was with a Liverpool fan (70's version of a man u fan) never been to the wirral in his life, a cab driving part-time builder ie a spurs fan. (third place with four games gone Jesus he was so happy you would have thought Alan sugar had died*). Very much following up the rear Palace a buffer zone protecting me from complete piss taking from the lads. Lastly an aussie returning to the scene of the crime. Always a nice safe bet when you want to deflect from your own short comings point out the aussies own and let them fly. Special recommendation to the spurs boy for pointing out that most aussies would gladly give up all their Olympic medals to have the premier league. And my own' you are so good at swimming because you're all trying to escape'. Pubs the home of diplomacy

As day waned in to night, anger and pain gave way to disappointment I thought forget it bank holiday beano to be had. Then the manc turned up, here we go disappointment rapidly heading towards annoyance and early bath. ' out of respect for you, I will not be mentioning football tonight ' hopeful amazement rushed through my body could I get that lucky? A whole night in the Rock** without mention of the days earlier dark moments? Resigned acceptance of my own naivete accompanied the first of all three verses of Blue moon. I was indeed standing alone. I am made of stronger stuff I have stood at Charlton station whilst an entire train of poorer mancs have kindly pointed out that I had indeed eaten all the pies (well it was boxing day). This crooners calls of blue moon could not go unanswered! As the pipes trilled in mi heed Valley Floyd rd was returned with full crowd effects as do when singing footy songs solo. Honor was restored the red sword had risen again hands were shook pints swapped beano back on course! My bank holiday weekend I hope will reflect Charlton's spirits in the next few days a bit of a downer to start but put in some hard drinking sorry training, refresh the team (avoid scouse girls who cannot stop talking***) and bounce back.

in conclusion I realize somethings never change the Liverpool fan still thinks they can win the league again, the spurs fan still goes on about history (something aussies know nothin' about! ) and the Palace fan is already looking up prices for a return ticket to Milton Keynes. As for the manc 30,000 in the second division shows that you obviously enjoyed it why not try it again? The faithful addick however looks on the brightside after that boxing day defeat we went on to win the first division by 18 points with 10 games to spare. Its an omen, its coming lads I can feel it.

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* to add a darker note to the site I am in negotiation to bring views from the other side - Faded Glamour a spurs eye view of the world and Football Bundle -view from the bottom of the pile by Palace.

** one of the best pubs in the world thats why its got a codename to keep it that way

*** only joking love give me phone! I'm so alone I write a football blog for christsake! It was either pay for the webcounter or the dating service oh look 4 hits today any of you fancy going out for a drink?


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