Monday, October 18, 2004

Reasons to be Cheerful

I never normally celebrate birthdays but this one I am canning the arse out of for everything I can get . I am off again this weekend for another do almost a fortnight after the event! I just blame my age when hungover and get away scot free. Why did I never do this before? With Ramadan starting soon I can blend that in to Christmas then on to Passover I could be off till next year on religious grounds, couple of days away from the grindstone and my loafing nature returns to the fore. Get up at 10 bit of praying (just in case I am being watched) then off down the boozer. Charlton are on the telly all the time (sky follow the glamour clubs) happy days. Talking of telly has anyone else got an itv hangover? Everyone knows MOTD is the best highlights show but like our forefathers in the 70's we had to suffer itv's attempts at football coverage. I never used to watch..... I cannot remember what it was called now ' on the premierball' or something so my TV body clock is out of synch so I keep missing MOTD. I have just read that back when I said TV body clock I meant television not tranny .No my tranny clock is bang on, up to the moment, finger on the pulse, on the ball (ah) when I whack on the slap I look like j-lo's sister (the one with a beer gut and stubble).

Digressing in several senses of the word there what was I typing for? Oh yes reasons to be cheerful as always I am late with my match report. So I am not going to bother with the blow to blow as this is available all over the shop. I am just going to stick in my two bob opinions. First of all it was an enjoyable game and I don't think I would have felt ashamed in nicking all three points. The team seemed to hold its shape well and was back to the well organized Charlton we all know. Dennis is starting to come to the fore a bit now I know there has been some muttering about him even in this game but he needs time to adapt to a completely different style of play. He still needs to work on his defensive qualities but he was tracking back and closing down which he has not done before. But with a player of his obvious quality I feel the team needs to adapt with him, try and release him more in to space. We always seemed to do it with Claus (remember him) and he wasn't the fastest but according to the papers Rom is. The fabled gelling together seems to be slowly setting and I am getting optimistic again. Danny and Matt worked well in the mid field hopefully we will see more of the same. Kevs luck seems to be changing for him and the skill before hand deserved a goal. A quick word on Kev he tries hard and gets so much stick give the boy a break don't jump on players backs all the time I actually heard someone say 'well he should of buried that' what when he blazed wide? Or hit the post ? No when he f***iing scored! I know I see the game through rose tinted spectacles but for christsake cheer up you miserable f***s Sorry but that winds me up when people always see the bad in everything. The joy of leaping around after a Charlton goal is one of the only true pleasures we have (alright I have) in this world. We don't get that many don't spoil them for me. Clap quietly , stay sitting down , f*** off to tottenham do anything just don't moan. Went off a bit again then quick round up HH headbutt nice, good points on yahoo fantasy. franny on the bench? Not a good idea. Chris Perry he's f***ing quality as the new song seems to go never a truer word sung.

Before I go a quick hello to Geebee and Subtle who have joined us on the information superhighway to broaden their minds and create and share wonderful music and art with the world.(geebee I'll send you that Abi Titmus link later).


At 2:20 pm, Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Dear Dr Reet. I don't think I ever get as excited as I do when we score. Is this just me?

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Reet Smoot said...

no you are not alone. but admitting that it is better than sex would only open me up to witty comments from my many many female fans and groupies. blogging is the new rock and roll! however in moments of despair i still recall nearly breaking my leg falling of the barriers in the jimmy seed when newts sent us off to wembley.


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