Monday, October 04, 2004

Did I miss something?

Was there football on at the weekend? I thought I was an international weekend (curling, ten pin bowling or knitting I don't care as long as there was no football on). Well my physic powers have proved themselves to be, as many of you may have suspected, bollocks. The bookies have their money back and equilibrium has returned. Yet again phone ins have demanded curbs head after another 4-0 away defeat, what are you talking about? If anyone is to blame its me for breaking my own rule of never betting on my own side. Never again. Well I was awol again at the weekend working on my new opus Shopgirls of the Southcoast not only is enjoyable research but the staff discounts come in handy. This crucial fact finding mission did however mean I had to listen to the Addicks brave defence on BBC London and by the sounds of it most of the reports are accurate we held them for a while but then crumbled under the weight of the gunners attack. We have been guilty this season of some very sloppy passing this is an obvious side effect of trying to rebuild the centre of the team in the pressure cooker of the premiership. We get away with it at home but have been exposed away. Shit happens move on, we will hit our Christmas purple patch soon (hopefully) and our thoughts will turn towards Europe again (even more hopefully).

News from the continent suggests that Paulo is pushing for spotty to sign for lazio, makes sense they seemed to have built a friendship. which some suggested made spotty get itchy feet (according to spottys carpet fitter though he had almost signed for the blues in the summer of 2003). It was the format of this rumour that made me pick it out from all the rest. It was on a Tottenham (big in the 60's) website who proclaim 'euro giant want spurs and cafc target' first I didn't know spurs were interested (he is a spurs fan though) second euro giants? No money, no trophies for years and a mid table team aha I can see how a spurs fan could mistake lazio for a current euro giant perhaps they are hoping they return the favour on the lazio website to guild the Tottenham Lilly some more. I feel better now its always nice after a poor weekend to slag of spurs on a Monday.


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