Friday, October 01, 2004

Judas to prodigal son?

If rumors are to be believed Curbs and Scott have buried their differences. Which could lead to a return of the prodigal son to the valley. As much as we hate to admit it we have been missing Scott's ability in mid field. It was not his runs or even the goals we have been lacking but his interceptions. Even though we are having our best start to a season I have noticed the ease in which teams have been passing through our mid field. Our recent run of solid results comes from playing one or even two defenders in mid field which does not lend itself to exciting play and the back four are under constant pressure. So if curbs can forgive can we? If we get him for half of what we sold him for it will be like we got Franny and Danny for free that cannot be bad. So all the boo boys feel free when spotty is playing for Chelsea (you will probably have to go to a reserve game to do it) but if he pulls on the red shirt again that will be a different matter.

p.s. hreidarsson 76 minutes one nil. I am not sure on the score so just go for the win its 10-1 at ladbrokes.


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