Wednesday, February 08, 2006

War is declared! We will fight them in the in boxes!

Don't get me wrong I love the Hoff, but I hate to say it he is just to damn powerful. No one comes close when cowboy boots and skin tight jeans need wearing. Clarkson, Jovi you just fall short.

Why? You ask is the Hoff dominance a problem?

well he has always been popular in Germany and any land based war in Europe again it could strain the special relationship....That's all I am saying

no long debate I will let history do the talking. Churchill foresaw the gathering storm and set in to place actions that would years down the line prove fruitful.

ie the spitfire
ie radar

now every man has his calling, a vision if you must. Mine has come in the shape of Sir Cliff. Not at the moment as powerful as the Hoff but in a few years when we need him, he will be there ready and waiting. Plus the fact he has a cracking forehand volley and unrivalled climb rate.


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