Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The End?

Great song I shall have to put it on my ipod. I was just checking back in my archives for disgrace and found my first ever post was about blogging or getting an ipod to be trendy. I have due to an upcoming 24hr flight purchased a ipod ( video one 5 star all the way these days) does this mean the end of blogging for reet? Judging by my lack of posts it looks like I stopped back in June July time! But I shall carry on! I shall be down under this Christmas so will feel the need to vent my spleen at some stage. Anyway Charlton, don't worry we will be alright. Its good to feel like we could win or lose any game by 10 nil every time that's what being a Charlton fan is all about! I am hoping for another 8 goal thriller against Sunderland get Clive down, get a cup made up, bit of fireworks and cheerleaders beautiful. Keep smiling you are lucky, you are not a spurs fan.


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