Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Wilting in the glare of publicity

I love pre season signing players almost seem an anti climax after all the rumors and build up. Wiltord would be a good signing I know people will say well he never did much at Arsenal. Then again Andy Hunt would have struggled to get in the gunners first team with Henry and Bergkamp up front. This could be another agent 'leaked' story to garner interest in his player. With the team back from china however hopefully we will see some movement soon on the new players front. Talking of the china trip does this spell the end of the balti pie and the much loved pattie? Will the carvery become the golden locust? Will Nancy Wong replace 'get it wrong bill' behind the bar? Noodles are easy to store there is enough room for every food at multicultural Charlton. For god sake petition the board ! Varney listen to the people we want variety not just Vietnamese! (sorry alliteration required it) SAVE THE PATTIE!
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