Monday, July 26, 2004

Good day

Had a good day Saturday my season ticket turned up always a good sign that my weekends are going to improve soon. Had a quick round of golf during the day with the family et al. A close run competition with the schlong as expected running away with the longest drive prize. Real plastic was rumored to be used in the trophy. PC gazza ran away with the first ever nearest the pin cup (the most impressive trophy of the day). The tarmacing bandito boy hoodwinked the judges and won the overall prize foul play is definitely suspected. Being England no one expected sun so when It did arrive everyone burned. The evenings festivities were marred by sunstroke making me look drunk, normally this would slip under the radar, but the fact the party was in sheltered housing gave the game away. A selected few also seemed to be suffering from 'sunstroke' too, especially old Fred which was quite a trick as he has been housebound since '92. I have heard of beer scooters but beer shopability is a sight to see and hear a genuine un ironic rendition of 'show me the way to go home' luckily top the stairs turn right sufficed.


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