Thursday, March 17, 2005

I love spurs fans........

...because they are so easily disappointed. They love wallowing in their own misery but not as much as I love watching them. But then again I love football, I love beating spurs , I love the world in general today. After an absolutely appalling day at work that was the best tonic I could have possibly had looked really good and the pundits view that they could have been 2 or 3 up at half time just reinforces my lack of respect for football hacks. Spurs strikers were about as successful as jimmy greeves trying to pass a pub in the 80's. keane moans so much I cannot believe he hasn't worked his way up from the spurs youth team. Our back four were solid and there was some smashing tackles . One of my many highlights was the reaction of the crowd after talal , Murphy and young all put in fair but crunching tackles one after the other it was like we had scored again. Danny and Jerome scored two top draw goals and I thought the whole team played well. But I feel I must single out Paul konchesky for an energetic and full blooded performance. He was everywhere which in combination with Murphy and Holland allowed us to run the midfield. How spurs finished with eleven men I will never know, but then again that would mean one less person to gloat at! Joy joy joy joy joy one more for luck joy.

p.s I wasn't going to honour him with a mention but .....Judas what's the score? Since you left us for your so called bigger club you still haven't finished above us in the league. Joy

p.p.s joy


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