Monday, January 31, 2005

Hair today gone tomorrow

Typical I build up the energy to blog. I get a good flow going reminiscing about the past about when graham first joined us. Superstitions I had at the time things people said etc etc then I go and click on a link in an email to check a fact( a bloody first, I have learnt my lesson I am not doing that again) and I blank off the whole poxy post.....arse. So in summary I shall give you a brief synopsis of an admittedly brief blog. - Stuart great servant for the club- only player on the cover of super goals in relegation season ( he scored against the spanners)- small things pleasing a small mind (mine)- graham has a first division haircut- Steve brown in goal against villa ( you see I was really motoring with the tangent thoughts). Well the gist was Sheffield Wednesday put us down that season and where on the verge of Europe (via fair play admittedly) and look at them now, question are these curses really working? Why did I type that in the voice of Sarah Jessica parker? Can true love be found over brunch? arrrgh go away woman I am talking about journeyman footballers! Oh and curses Judas boy still has not finished above us in the league since he left us for a 'bigger club' - tip jermain when you say you are going to going a bigger club try and join a bigger club not some fading 80's then 60's relics. I have gone off on some random spout again and cannot remember what I typed the first time. And I wondered why I stopped blogging regularly no no reet type away expose your fragile mind on the unsuspecting world. Right lets put this down to a mild episode and round it off. Well that's what the Wednesday bit was for! but you didn't have a point to finish with. Now I remember.......arse I have written myself in to a cul de sac. Too much Hunter s Thompson on the brain and not enough on the type writer. I know its a PC I am resisting going off on one about out moded forms of word transfer by typing slowly. Right one finger at a time..... good luck Graham I liked you as a player, you helped get us to where we are today. I hope you do well at Norwich and eventually become the speedway driver you always wanted to be. ps have you still got that dodgy silk globe patterned jacket? phew I got away with that hopefully no one will notice


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