Monday, May 16, 2005


I haven't posted for ages through sheer laziness to be honest! But looking back at my recent posts I realised that the last effort I put in was after the spurs game which was and still is a joyous occasion. But I feel in my world of the superstitious idiot that I went over the top and the gods of sods law ( creator of traffic jams, brewers droop and football results ) shat on me from a great height in revenge. Am I saying that the malicious god of sods is a spurs fan? Well with cab drivers and builders vans on his side its not a huge leap of faith. But come on 9 games three points that's just fucking evil. So with one eye on next season I am not going to say anything about Sunday. I will be looking forward to the rumours starting and occasionally ranting about footy hacks. (wooliesnuts in the sport today could start me going but no. But I am sure he will pipe up with some big club bias crap soon). So it starts again! Well in 13 weeks but after this fire and forget season I think onwards and upwards is the best bet.

so what have I learnt this season? The fellas behind me are alright you just need to talk to them , a lesson perhaps for us all. We in the west stand are truly rubbish when it comes to singing and standing up but the passion is still there we are just embarrassed, weird but true. Never run your own shop it ruins Saturday games ( fair play to blanco for renewing and shopkeeping) traveling the world and living on the Mekong river or in Prague is no excuse for not renewing your ticket ( well done young Elton and woodley ) new signings don't always work straight away but patience is I believe still a virtue. You don't need to blog just for the sake of it. Just when you have something to say ( mainly because the other boys type faster than me and beat me to the punch gits!) mid table with a barclay card is still much better than top with a bottle of coke. The rest of football are not concerned by glaziers take over the northern bucs they are all laughing at the prospect they could go the same way Leeds did! I heard there was already changes at the weekend. Reports from St mary's said Man United States were playing with what seemed to be a large horse mascot up front. It has been an educational season some old truths have been confirmed wenger apparently still has a nice little smile and the social in Liverpool still seem to have no idea where anyone is. Some new knowledge has been imparted too, a football blog is not the best place to find a life partner ( Jo from the FA never called!) the Falklands were saved by the royal marines and Spain 82, and finally planning to type a one line post seems the best way to type off on one!

ps sha la la la la la !

pps sha la la la la la la! sha la la la la la !

ppps shhh i think i got away with that one!


At 10:31 pm, Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Oh we miss you Reet. How can anyone beat you to your punchlines eh?


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