Thursday, April 14, 2005

War what is it good for? Filling TV schedules

Only six games to go! How did that happen? So stop moaning we have got a summer to get through with out any football. So enjoy it will it lasts even if your enjoyment means moaning about football. (eh?) So its time to get down the air raid shelter again and get the season ticket filled out for another season. Its not that I use a world war 2 shelter as a home office I just have this strange conspiracy that the government always lays on a war when there is no international football on. 2nd gulf war started 2003 (Christ that's starting to drag) the first one was in 1991 see no footy . 1939 there would not have been a world cup on. First world war is a bit tricky because there should have been a world cup but then again the war didn't really kick off till august anyway. Rumours suggest that the marines at Port Stanley could of held off the invasion force for months but didn't fancy missing Spain 82. As it was the war was over by June. So get your tin hats on as they have got the whole summer in which to bomb things to keep the news channels busy. Especially if we have got a new PM ,not saying anything election fever has no place in my house or Anderson. But they do love to have a bit of a bomb if they are new. Well you would if you could wouldn't you?
It will be nice to go into Europe but hopefully not by landing craft. Give peace and curbs a chance.


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